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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jade Flees Briana’s House & Cuts Her Family Out Of Her Life

As Jade Cline neared the tail-end of her recovery, she was forced to make a difficult decision about her family.

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Jade Cline
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After spending a few days recovering from her surgery at Briana DeJesus‘ house, Jade Cline fled home during the June 29 episode of Teen Mom 2. She said she appreciated all that Briana had done for her, but because of the drama that unfolded with her family and how much she missed her daughter, Kloie, Jade felt it was time to return to her own house.

In previous weeks, viewers saw Jade’s parents take “three hours” to return with her medicine after her surgery, so it was pretty clear how much pain they caused her during her recovery. And now that Jade is a bit more coherent and understands what truly happened, she made the decision to block her family in her phone. She also asked on-again/off-again boyfriend Sean to do the same.

Meanwhile, Briana spent more time with her new boyfriend, Javi, following Jade’s departure. They had a cute little date in her backyard, but there wasn’t any PDA. They just exchanged small talk and Briana told Javi that what she witnessed with Jade’s family was the “most stressful” thing she’s ever had to go through — ever. He found that questionable, but Briana was dead serious.

Later, Briana and her sister, Brittany, talked about getting more plastic surgery. Especially because Brittany said she hasn’t been happy with the way her butt looks. She said one cheek looks great, but the other doesn’t.

To be honest — we’re pretty surprised they want to go through with any sort of plastic surgery after witnessing the pain Jade went through. But then again, Briana has had plastic surgery before, so maybe recovery wasn’t as bad for her.

In other Teen Mom 2 news, Leah Messer received some exciting news about Ali. According to Ali’s lifelong doctor, Dr. Tsao, there are now “several hundred patients” with the same diagnosis as Ali. And what he recently discovered because of that is that someone with Titin myopathy can live well into their 70s. Leah and Ali were thrilled to hear that.

Leah also surprised Aleeah with a private cheerleading session since she hadn’t been able to go regularly amid the pandemic. So Leah gifted both of her twins with good news this week.

As for Kailyn Lowry — she spent this week juggling her three different co-parenting relationships. All was good with Lincoln and his dad, Javi Marroquin, but Isaac still isn’t thrilled about going to dad Jo Rivera’s house. Apparently, he’s only allowed to play Fortnite for an hour, so that left him feeling pretty sad. And Lincoln rubbed it in his face, which didn’t help. But Kailyn refused to intervene in Jo’s parenting style since it always bothered her when he’d do the same.

Then, of course, Kailyn took her two youngest sons to see their dad, Chris Lopez, and that went well, but seeing Kailyn juggle all the co-parenting relationships made us tired. So we have no idea how she does it.

Finally, Ashley Jones planned a special romantic dinner for Bar‘s birthday. She cooked him his favorite dish and lit some candles in the backyard. She also gifted him with a special trip to Paris and London, which they said they’ll do once the pandemic is over.

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