‘The Bold Type’ Preview: Sutton Gets A Call From Richard While At Therapy

Sutton is opening up at therapy when Richard calls her unexpectedly in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'The Bold Type.'

Sutton is going to therapy to talk about her relationship with alcohol in hopes of not following in her mother’s footsteps. “We’re usually celebrating a new job, orgasm, great one-liner. We toast a lot, now that I think of it,” Sutton says in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 23 episode of The Bold Type.

Her therapist notes that Sutton can toast without alcohol. “It’s not that fun, though,” Sutton admits. Her therapist replies, “Sometimes we copy the things we hate most about our parents, sort of self-sabotage.”

The Bold Type
Sutton in the June 23 episode. (Freeform)

Sutton doesn’t think she’s sabotaging herself. She doesn’t think she has the same alcohol problem as her mother. “That’s not me, though. I mean, my mom couldn’t even hold a normal job,” Sutton tells her therapist.

Suddenly, Sutton’s phone begins to buzz. She tells her therapist that she needs to get this because it might be work. When she looks at who’s calling, it’s Richard. “Oh my, God,” Sutton says to herself. Sutton and Richard’s relationship has taken a turn recently. Sutton was stunned when Richard asked for a divorce.

The Bold Type
Sutton and Richard come face-to-face. (Freeform)

HollywoodLife previously spoke with The Bold Type EP Wendy Straker Hauser about Sutton and Richard’s reunion in episode 5 of the final season. “It is going to be complicated because there’s so much love there,” Wendy said. “There’s a desire to sort of live in the dream for a bit. We’ll see how it shapes them and what choices they make, but that love never goes away. Even though he wants that divorce, the love is still there.”

The synopsis for the June 23 episode — the penultimate episode of the final season — reads: “Kat struggles to get a movement off the ground and is faced with a life-changing opportunity. Sutton gets an unexpected call that threatens the progress she’s made at therapy, and Jane is faced with her biggest challenge ever at Scarlet.” The Bold Type airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Freeform.

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