‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Gets A New Job & Jo Suffers More Heartbreak

Big changes are ahead on 'Grey's Anatomy.' Meredith is offered a new job as she recovers from COVID-19, Amelia makes a decision about her family's future, and Jo's future with Luna is sealed.

Ellen Pompeo
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It’s officially been one week since Meredith’s been released from the hospital. She’s spending quality time at home with her kids and continuing to recover. Maggie and Winston are busy planning their wedding. Amelia is the one to tell Owen about Tom leaving for Boston.

Luna’s CPS guardian shows up at the hospital, and Jo is not happy that the social worker isn’t making Luna a priority. Schmidt gets the first dose of the vaccine during a trial, and the man administering the vaccine is very cute.

Richard in the May 27 episode. (ABC)

The next week, Bailey comes to see Meredith at her house. There’s still no replacement for Jackson. Bailey opens up about Ben and his tumor. She tells Meredith that Ben doesn’t need chemo since they caught the tumor early. Meredith had no idea this was all happening. Schmidt returns to get his second dose of the vaccine, and the cute vaccine guy is back. Amelia takes on a young girl who was in a car crash. After speaking with the girl’s father, Amelia is determined to save her.

Meredith Fears She Won’t Work Again

During week 3, Maggie and Winston are continuing to plan their wedding. Maggie doesn’t to feel like she’s had to compromise on any aspect of her wedding. Link and Amelia get some alone time at his place. Link reveals that he wants more children in the near future. Amelia? She’s not so sure.

The next week, Meredith reveals her fear to Bailey that she may not ever go back to work after COVID-19. “I can barely pick up my kids without feeling like I’ve run a marathon,” Meredith tells Bailey. Meredith just wants her life back. When Link is playing guitar for Amelia over the phone while she’s at work, her patient’s brain activity begins to kick into high gear.

Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo stars as Meredith Grey. (ABC)

Little Luna continues to struggle. At one point, she goes into cardiac arrest, but Hayes is able to save her. Jo decides right then and there that she wants to adopt Luna. “I want to be her mom,” Jo says.

Jo Can’t Adopt Luna

In the coming weeks, Jo continues to look after Luna. She doesn’t get better, and Hayes wants to operate. Jo’s application for adoption was denied after a background check, so Luna’s guardian is still the CPS worker. The CPS worker tells Hayes not to operate until Luna is officially adopted. Jo is devastated.

The vaccine guy asks Schmidt out, and he has to decide about his future with Nico. He chooses Nico in the end, showing up at Nico’s door. Schmidt admits he panicked after Nico professed his love for him. Nico promises that he’s always had the same feelings as Schmidt he just hasn’t been able to say them back. “I never want to be without you,” Nico says. “I love you. I’m in love with you.”

Link and Jo in the May 27 episode. (ABC)

Meredith Gets A New Job

Bailey goes back to Meredith and has an idea. She wants Meredith to run the residency program. Meredith brings up Richard, but Bailey knows there’s going to come a time when Richard decides to step back. “I need somebody who thinks like me,” Bailey says. She wants Meredith to be there putting together teams at Grey-Sloan that reflect the future in the years to come. Meredith happily agrees to the new job.

Amelia admits to Owen that she doesn’t want any more kids, even though Link does. Owen sits down and has a candid conversation with her. Later, when Link asks Amelia when she’ll be back, Amelia lies to him. Maggie tells Winston that the reason that there’s been all this tension abotu the wedding is that it’ll never be perfect because her mom won’t be here. She doesn’t want to wait to get married, and Winston is right there with her. Their loved ones show up at the hospital, so the wedding is ON!

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