‘This Is Us’: A Fan-Favorite Couple Gets Divorced In New Finale Flash-Forward

The 'This Is Us' flash-forward dropped a major twist in the final moments of the season 5 finale. A couple we all know and love is divorced in the future, and [SPOILER] is marrying someone else!

This Is Us
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Madison and Kevin do not tie the knot in the This Is Us season 5 finale, but someone else does. The show ends up flashing forward 5 years in the final moments of the finale to another wedding. Kevin is preparing his wedding toast, and it’s not going too well.

Turns out, it’s Kate who is getting married. She’s tying the knot to Phillip, her new co-worker in the present day. Phillip mentions to Kevin that he’s going to be his brother-in-law before going into another room to finish getting ready.

Kate and Toby
Kate and Toby are calling it quits in the future. (NBC)
Kevin walks into Kate’s room, and Madison tries to push him out. Kate walks out in her wedding dress, and it’s absolutely stunning. Kate sparkles in this gorgeous gown. Kate tells Kevin that jokes and impressions are OK for his toast since this is the “last time I’m doing this.” Toby is nowhere to be seen. Kate and Toby have gotten divorced somewhere in the 5-year time jump.
Earlier in the episode, Kate calls Phillip to resign from her job since Toby is going to take that job in San Francisco. Phillip tells Kate that he didn’t want to hire her, but he’s glad that he did. Kate is so talented and great with the kids. Phillip doesn’t accept her resignation.
Chris Geer
Phillip is marrying Kate in a new flash-forward. (NBC)
Later, Kate tells Toby ahead of what’s supposed to be Kevin and Madison’s wedding that he should take the new job in San Francisco. She also wants to keep her job at home. They reminisce about their wedding 4 years ago and proclaim their love for each other. They’ll figure out how to make this work. Kate and Toby seem happier than ever, so what happens in those 5 years? This Is Us will return for its sixth and final season in 2022. All answers will be revealed in due time.

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