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Rouxx Teams With Mod Sun & A Hot Pink Casket For ‘LO$ERS’: It’s ‘One Of The Dopest Experiences’ Ever

With  ‘good friends’ and the most colorful casket ever, Rouxx delivers an anthem for misfits everywhere, and he tells HL how the ‘stars aligned’ on this video with Mod Sun.

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Not even death will stop Rouxx’s rebellious spirit. At the start of “LO$ERS,” the new video from the Los Angeles native, Rouxx lies in state in what appears to be a casket stolen from Barbie’s dream funeral home. He pops back to life to deliver a middle-finger declaration for anyone who would deny him or his fellow “LO$ERS” from living life the way they’d want to. “Cheers to the years / living without fears / I’m gonna do it all while I’m here,” Rouxx sings right before Mod Sun drops in, and the chorus takes it up a notch. “You can say we’re losers / but we’re never gonna change.”

“We really wanted to nail the line ‘one foot on the ground and the other in the grave’ and came up with using a coffin,” Rouxx shares with HollywoodLife. After he and director Tony Tomasino scoured the Internet for a hot pink casket, they found one available right near the video’s set. “I swear, it’s like the stars aligned in every possible way with this song,” adds Rouxx.

Helping him bring this project to life is a handful of close friends: Mod Sun (“I actually went on my first tour with him when I was 17 with his old band”) and a handful of “LO$ERS” (The whole family showed up for the video and absolutely crushed”). Rouxx told HollywoodLife over email how this video came to be, how Mod helped make it “the dopest” experience ever, and what fans can expect from Rouxx by the end of 2021. Spoiler Alert: he’s dropping an EP, one that’ll make any “loser” feel like, no matter what, they’ve won.

(Courtesy of Rouxx)

HollywoodLife: I’ve heard the saying, “Not everyone is lucky enough to get out of a casket.” Who came up with the idea to film the video with a hot-pink one? And where did you find a hot pink casket?

Rouxx: My friend and director of the video, Tony Tomasino, and I went through a lot of different concepts for the video before we landed on this one. We really wanted to nail the line “one foot on the ground and the other in the grave” and came up with using a coffin. We scoured the internet for a pink coffin to match the overall branding of Lo$ers and found one in downtown for rent nearby our shooting location. I swear it’s like the stars aligned in every way possible with this song.

(Courtesy of Rouxx)

How did you connect with Mod Sun for this track? Was this your first time meeting/working with him? Or have you guys been in the same orbit for a while?

Mod and I go way back. I actually went on my first tour with him when I was 17 with his old band. We reconnected through my boy Matthew Marino, one of the writers on this song. Marino sent Mod the song, and Mod loved it. We went to Mod’s home studio and tracked the vocals, and it was like we never missed a beat since the last time we saw each other. The dude’s energy is contagious. Definitely one of the dopest experiences I’ve had in the studio.

There’s a wide range of “LO$ERS” in this video. Were these your friends?

[laughs] Yeah, they are all my good friends. The whole family showed up for the video and absolutely crushed. I surround myself with genuine people who I love, and all of these people are unapologetically themselves and embody what this song is all about.

(Courtesy of Rouxx)

What’s next for 2021? Is the plan to put on some shows, release more music, or D) All of the above?

Definitely all the above! I have another single coming out in late June that slaps and an EP in July. There’s also talks of a fall tour as well. Lots of exciting things happening. I’m sure I’ll be doing a LA hometown show in the near future as well.

LO$ERS” is out now.