Pop Group Boys World Bring A Sweet ‘Willy Wonka’ Vibe In Their New ‘All Me’ Video

While singing an upbeat bop about ‘changing someone for the better,’ pop girl group Boys World delivers a music video that looks good enough to eat!

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There isn’t any chocolate in “All Me,” the new video from Boys World, but there is plenty of sweetness. In the visual, the group – composed of Elana CaceresOlivia RubyQueenie MaeLillian Kay, and Makhyli – prepare for a day’s work in their candy-colored factory. But, instead of producing sweets and sugary snacks, the work Boys World does involve…well, a boy. After summoning a half-asleep slob in a dirty t-shirt and shorts, the ladies get busy transforming him into the “better version” of himself. It doesn’t take much – basic hygiene, simple tidiness, a new wardrobe – but the results turn this “caveman” into a “changed man.”

In the space between a smile and a laugh , that’s where you’ll find Boys World (Lili Peper)

“We’re so excited for you to listen to our new song ‘All Me.’ It’s everything you want in a music video, from dancing to an exciting storyline and a fun Willy Wonka feel!” the band tells HollywoodLife.  “Exciting” is the best way to describe “All Me,” a song that bubbles with fun like a cold soda in the summer before exploding with delight like a mouthful of Pop Rocks. “We are all really passionate about ‘All Me,’” Elana tells HollywoodLife. “I think it’s a song that a lot of people can relate to. It’s all about changing someone for the better!”

“ ‘All Me’ is a hard-hitting record with a sweet Candyland feel!” says Makhyli. At the center of “All Me,” like a Jawbreaker (or everlasting Gobstopper), is a hard truth, that universal and relatable message Elana mentioned. “Boys ain’t ever ready when you really need ’em / Funny how they man up when ya go and leave ’em / Every girl I know already knows the feeling / Turned a lump a coal into a gold mine,” sings Lilian on a verse. The song celebrates the power of women, who usually have their acts together, and how by proxy, boys get their act together. “All Me” demonstrates that since the unnamed boy gets turned from slob to a Harry Styles-esque snack.

Interspersed throughout the video are scenes of Boys World delivering some fierce footwork. “We loved learning choreography to the whole song,” Lilian tells HollywoodLife. “The energy was crazy fun for this one!” As for the styling, Olivia says the visual had “the coolest monochromatic looks,” and that the band “had so much fun filming ‘All Me.’ It’s our favorite music video we’ve done!”

All Me” is out now.