Butterfly Ali Navigates A Maze Of ‘Media, Politics & Racism’ In New ‘Truth Is’ Video

While tackling ‘heavy thoughts and concerns’ affecting the world today, R&B artist Butterfly Ali – aka Titus Makin -- searches to ‘where we should go from here’ in his new video.

At the start of “Truth Is,” we find Butterfly Ali gazing upon a projected video of ocean waves crashing upon the shore. It’s symbolic of the sea change the world is going through at this moment in history. From there, the multi-talented singer delivers an introspective R&B tune, contemplating “how did we get here,” and “where do we go?” As he sings, Ali is flooded by images of protests, of civil rights demonstrations, and of Martin Luther King Jr. By the end, “Truth Is” has transformed into a passionate plea for peace, love, understanding, and social justice.

“‘Truth Is’ is a song and music video that I wanted to create about the media, politics, and systemic racism,” Butterfly Ali tells HollywoodLife. “My thoughts on how we, as a people, are just expected to believe [and] digest any twisted information we may be given about any over publicized news heading. How the world we live in can promote such a false reality at times. I wanted to promote the consideration of where we should go from here — within all the mess we’ve created as a country.”

Float like a butterfly… (Alex Stone)

“I didn’t want to shy away from heavy thoughts and concerns in this song,” he adds, “and wanted to open up more conversations through the vehicle of music. Extremely thankful to Aaron Kellim and Brian Kops for helping me create this narrative.”

The song is a more somber affair, especially when compared to the singles proceeding “Truth Is”: the gospel-inspired “Testimony” and the vibrant, funk-fueled “Pray For ‘Em.” These, along with “Truth Is,” will be part of his debut ep, Preacher’s Kid. The five-track project arrives on June 11th and will serve as a proper introduction to this fast-rising R&B star (especially to those who know him from his onscreen work).

Butterfly Ali as his alter ego, Titus Makin, showing he has multitudes (Shutterstock)

Born in Honolulu, Butterfly Ali – aka Titus Makin Jr. – graduated from Buena High in Sierra Vista, Arizona, before attending the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduating, he relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of an entertainment career. He landed the role of David on Glee, and has since appeared in Pretty Little Liars, The Path, Star-Crossed, and most recently, on The Rookie. With Preacher’s Kid, Butterfly Ali begins a new chapter in his entertaining career, carving his own path with his exciting and intelligent blend of funk, R&B, and soul.

Preacher’s Kid is out on June 11.

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