‘RHOA’ Reunion Recap: Marlo Accuses Kandi Of Starting The ‘Strippergate’ Rumor

This got super heated during the third and final part of the 'RHOA' reunion special on May 9.

Kandi Burruss
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Jaws hit the floor during the May 9 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, when Marlo Hampton claimed Kandi Burruss was the one who told her what happened with Bolo the stripper at Cynthia Bailey‘s bachelorette party.

After reunion host Andy Cohen read a fan question that hinted at Kenya Moore and Marlo believing Kandi knows more than she’s let on about what went down with Bolo, he asked, “Why do they think that?” While Kandi appeared surprised by such a thought, Kenya said that she was the first to stir the pot.

“Because I was in the room next door to them so I automatically get dragged into the situation?” Kandi asked before Marlo said Kandi told her who allegedly had sex with the stripper. “Everybody knows Kandi knows. You know Kandi, I love you to death…but right now, I don’t care now. At the end of the day, keep it to you 100,” Marlo said.

Marlo then went on to say that Kandi told her the following morning “what she heard and what happened” from being next door to the scene of the alleged crime that night. But unfortunately for viewers, nothing more was revealed than what we have already been told (Kenya and Marlo still think Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam slept with the stripper, but no confirmation was ever given).

Even when Andy asked if anyone had heard from Tanya, almost everyone refused to talk about her because she wasn’t there to defend herself (she quit the show soon after Cynthia’s bachelorette party).

Drew Sidora & LaToya Ali Fight Over Her Alleged Romance With The Prophet

Later, Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali got into another fight over her alleged romance with the prophet, but no one could understand why Drew truly cared whether or not such a relationship ever happened. She claimed that other prophets pulled out from blessing her son because of LaToya’s alleged romance with the prophet, but everyone thought that sounded silly.

Drew also apologized for bringing a gag gift to the Christmas party before Andy basically shaded her for bringing the recording of the prophet, too. She claimed she couldn’t play all of it for legal reasons, and he said if she’s going to bring receipts in the future, she needs to bring better ones.

Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams’ Relationship: What Went Wrong

Finally, Andy tried to figure out why Kenya and Porsha just can’t seem to make their friendship work. Obviously, they each started the show hating each other — flashbacks during the reunion proved that — but when they found common ground after the births of their daughters, it almost appeared as though they had put the past behind them and decided to move forward as friends. Or at least friendly acquaintances. So Andy asked what happened. And that’s when Kenya said she couldn’t get past watching Porsha poke fun at her marriage in private confessionals and with other cast members on the show. So for now, they just can’t be friends with each other.

And thus, not a ton of resolutions were made. But Andy did give the ladies the crab cakes Kenya had deprived them of in South Carolina when he wrapped up the show. So we suppose that’s a positive, right?

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