‘Good Trouble’ EP Breaks Down That Pregnancy Bombshell & That Epic Return In The Spring Finale

'Good Trouble' dropped major twists throughout its spring finale. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with 'Good Trouble's EP about that game-changing pregnancy, [Spoiler]'s return, and what's ahead.

Good Trouble
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Get ready because big changes are ahead on Good Trouble. The April 21 spring finale featured Isabella’s return, and she revealed that she’s pregnant with Gael’s baby. Just as Davia moved on with someone else, Dennis showed back up at the Coterie. Malika made a decision about her relationships, and Mariana was forced to reveal her relationship with Evan.

HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from executive producer Joanna Johnson about what Isabella’s pregnancy means for Gael and Callie’s future. It’s a “huge buzzkill,” Joanna said. She also discussed the impact of Dennis’ return on Davia, Malika’s future with Isaac, the aftermath of Mariana’s confession, and more. Read our Q&A below:

Beau Mirchoff
Callie and Jamie in the spring finale. (Freeform)

Isabella’s pregnancy reveal was definitely unexpected. How is Gael going to be navigating this impending arrival? 
Joanna Johnson: I think these young people on our show, they’re all responsible and all have dreams. They’re all trying to make things happen, but they don’t have great responsibilities personally. They don’t really have to answer to anyone else but themselves at this point in their life, so what interests me about this as well is what happens if you suddenly have to grow up very quickly and start considering your life choices and possibly being a parent? How does that affect your dreams and every choice that you make? How do you deal with something that’s so unplanned with someone that you don’t even know? So I thought that was all stuff that was interesting to me.

This reveal also came at a time when Callie and Gael were on the precipice of possibly getting back together or figuring out what their relationship is going to be. When he told her that Isabella was pregnant, it felt like a nail in the coffin. There was that look between them where it seemed like they’re now ships passing in the night. Do you think all hope for them is lost? Is there a possibility that these two could find a way to make this work? 
Joanna Johnson: It’s interesting because it sounds so unreal at first. It’s like, okay, so you’re not involved with this girl, right? So it’s not like there’s that. I don’t think you realize necessarily at first how complicated it might be. I think that it’s a hard thing to hear, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. I think that’s something that they have to explore in the next season. Does this mean that we just push our feelings down, or is there a way to do this? I think that’s kind of how we leave them, but it’s a huge buzzkill. He was finally going to tell her how we felt about her, and she was ready. Callie’s journey this season has been a little bit of her wondering: did I make a mistake when I chose Jamie? Was Gael the one I should have chosen? So it’s certainly not what you want to hear when you go up there thinking that you were going to fall back in bed together. It’s a real buzzkill. But does it have to be the end? That’s a question, and I think it’s an interesting question. Can you still date somebody who’s going to have a baby with someone else?

When Callie was making out with Tony, she said that her heart was with someone else. That’s obviously a weighted statement there. Is she talking about Gael, Jamie, or both? There still unresolved feelings with Jamie, too.
Joanna Johnson:  I think she’s trying to get over Jamie. She’s trying to deny those feelings. As long as you deny something, it just is going to persist. When you’re a young person, it’s not like you’re smart enough to say I think I’ll wait six months to a year before I get in a relationship again so I can really get over this. You just jump into the next thing, or you go backward. There are definitely unresolved feelings for him that Callie’s going to have to deal with, especially now that they’re going to be trying a murder case on opposite sides. It’s like the universe keeps throwing them back together, especially in adversarial ways.

Callie has made some bad decisions before, but I’m really scared for her now. Does she understand fully what she’s getting into with Kathleen? It seems so ominous. 
Joanna Johnson: Callie is somebody who is not afraid of doing something controversial, even though I would say she also has a very strong moral sense. She’s created a bond with Kathleen, and I think that she trusts Kathleen on some level, even though she’s not sure how much she can trust her. Like Callie says to Jamie, I find it hard to believe that Kathleen would be involved in something like this, in the disappearance of a witness and potentially the murder of a witness. I think she’s definitely willing to hear Kathleen out, which is why I think she sits down. Kathleen’s persuasive. She’s an interesting character, and I loved having Constance Zimmer on the show this season. It’s just been such a treat, and she just really plays that character so well.

Davia was shocked to see Dennis return. (Freeform)

The moment that made my jaw hit the floor was when Dennis returned. He’s back and Davia’s moved on. Is Dennis going to fight for her? 
Joanna Johnson: Well, it certainly seems like he’s going to have to. I mean, she loves him. Obviously, they have a real history, but he hurt her quite a bit. It’s hard because she’s met this new guy who’s really nice. She likes him a lot, but she’s not in love with him. What’s she going to do here with him back is really the question, and is Dennis going to have to work for it? She certainly seemed upset to see him.

Malika and Isaac reached a turning point in their relationship. She was trying to figure out what she wants, and she does make a decision. She said goodbye to Dyonte and wanted to stay with Isaac. She doesn’t want to lose him. Is it going to be so simple for her to get back together with Isaac? 
Joanna Johnson: It’s tough because, as her friends told her, you can’t unring that bell. I mean, once you’ve said this to him, that you have these feelings for someone else, is he going to be able to get past that? She feels like she’s polyamorous, but she also is willing to be monogamous to keep her relationship with Isaac. She’s willing to do that, but she’s already told Isaac how she feels. She’s hoping this grand gesture will convince him.

Cierra Ramirez
Mariana in the ‘Good Trouble’ spring finale. (Freeform)

Mariana finally told the girls that she’s in a relationship with Evan. She revealed that she’s dating him after they say they want to sue him and Spekulate. How much will this reveal complicate things, not only for her relationship with Evan but her career?
Joanna Johnson: Right now, the girls can’t seem to sell their app idea. They don’t have much of a career, but the real betrayal is the friendship. How will the girls really react? I mean, will they understand? The friendship that these girls have created over all these seasons is deep, and I love their relationship and their friendship. This was what Mariana has been dreading, having to tell them that she has been seeing Evan. It’s just like, I’m so worried about what’s going to happen to them. They’re such a favorite dynamic, at least for me, on the show. I just love them. I worry, and I know what’s going to happen. Is this going to break them up? That would be a huge breakup and devastating.

What can you say about Alice’s arc going forward? 
Joanna Johnson: Alice’s arc has always been to find her voice and stand up for herself. That has never been something that’s easy for her to do. She finally sort of stood up and thought she was standing there for all these people who were going to have her back and go with her. It’s just a real betrayal for someone who’s had such a hard time speaking her truth to have the consequences really rough. She’s feeling really betrayed. Did she make a terrible mistake? Has she lost an opportunity to get exposure for her career by speaking up? It’s got to break your heart to see Alice, who’s had such a hard time speaking up, finally do that and have no support.

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