‘Black Ink Crew: New York’ Trailer: Ceaser Goes Off On Donna & Calls Her The ‘Worst Tattoo Artist’

'Black Ink Crew: New York' returns for season 9 on April 19, and HollywoodLife has your EXCLUSIVE first look at all the drama ahead.

HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE Black Ink Crew: New York season 9 trailer, and this season is going to be all kinds of epic. The Black Ink Crew: New York team is still hustling, and they’re going to do whatever it takes to be successful. When COVID-19 turns everyone’s world upside down, Ceaser comes up with a Plan B.

He decides to bring the entire New York team down to Atlanta instead of closing up and not making any money. They head down to Georgia on a private jet and stay in a massive mansion. The crew really takes advantage of the Atlanta lifestyle.

Ceaser in ‘Black Ink Crew: NY’ season 9. (VH1)

However, there’s drama brewing, as always. Donna wants Ceaser to give her the credit she’s due. “You want credit for being the worst tattoo artist in this history of Black Ink?” Someone also breaks into Black Ink 125th, and there are rumors it could have been an inside job.

With the 113th shop permanently closed, Ceaser took a step back to refocus on his personal life while he prepares to bring his Black Ink family back together post lockdown. After accepting Alex’s proposal, Donna feels ready to take command of her own future – questioning her commitment to continuing to work at Black Ink or even to tattoo at all. Ted is ready to reveal more of himself and spent much of the pandemic growing his flourishing relationship with his wife, along with investing in his second love – music.

Donna in the season 9 trailer. (VH1)

For Tatti, the impact of the pandemic has served as a time of focus, commitment, and determination for her as she becomes a first-time homeowner. Although Walt’s relationship with Jess is thriving, his bond and connection with his Black Ink crew seem to have become more divided.

Young Bae is balancing work and being a single mother with her son Niko, along with using her voice to speak out about the violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Island community. With the new demands placed on the flagship store, Ceaser expects Puma to show up in person and be the boss, but life during the pandemic adds to the strain on his mental health. Top tattoo artists Rokmatic and Krystal will take on more clients as the Brooklyn shop expands. Newcomer Spyder is a cover-up tattoo specialist and the face of the Brooklyn shop. He is a super vocal ally to Ceaser and goes up against anyone who crosses the Black Ink boss. Black Ink Crew: New York will air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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