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‘RHONJ’: Teresa Finalizes Her Divorce After Joe Giudice Spreads Rumors About Joe Gorga

Teresa Giudice revealed A LOT about her divorce from Joe during the March 24 episode of 'RHONJ'.

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Well, now we know why Joe Giudice is selling sex toys. Teresa revealed during the March 24 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that in their divorce settlement, she “got the house and Joe walked away with nothing because I paid off all his debt. And I’ve been taking care of our daughters for five years now all on my own.”

This reveal may come as a shock to Dolores Catania and Joe Gorga, who both previously said that they were worried about Joe possibly going after Teresa for alimony. So after Teresa shared the information with her friends, she actually told Dolores and Joe that they “should take” their “words back”. She said “Joe was a class act” when it came to their divorce settlement.

But that came later after everyone arrived at the Jersey shore (Melissa Gorga planned a fun getaway for everyone). On the drive down, however, Dolores and her ex, Frank Catania, were talking about how their own divorce went, so Teresa took the opportunity to share her good news. “Talking about divorce, my papers are being filed today,” she said.

And when they asked her how she felt about it, Teresa told them, “Listen, it’s going on five years,” so she explained that she’s ready for something new. “I really truly want [Joe] to be happy, and I hope he wants me to be happy,” she said. “Nobody’s going to take Joe’s place, but I can’t wait to find someone.”

Then, during her private confessional, Teresa mourned the end of her marriage. She said, “Joe and I have been together for so long, and we’ve been through so much. And it’s crazy to just think that [once] you sign this paper, and that’s it. Our marriage is over. Like poof.”

But not everyone was mourning the end of this marriage. Joe Gorga was sort of celebrating it, as he and Joe hadn’t been getting along for the past few years. During everyone’s first group dinner down the shore, Joe took to a private confessional and explained, “Joe Giudice wasn’t always good to my sister. That’s my sister — we are blood. I’m here to protect her. But Joe put this article out about me and Teresa didn’t do anything about it. She should have ripped Joe’s heart out.”

The article that Joe was referring to was one in which Joe Giudice accused Joe Gorga of “lying”. Joe Giudice also shaded Joe and Melissa’s marriage, while claiming that he “knows things” about them. Plus, he said that Joe and Melissa weren’t helping Teresa or their kids (see the full headline below).


However, Teresa didn’t seem to be bothered by the article. Instead, during dinner, she made her brother “promise” that he’s “not going to talk about Joe anymore”, and Joe said that he’d agree to that. But even though Joe Gorga wasn’t willing to clap back at his sister, Margaret Josephs was.

After they all arrived down the shore, Margaret said Teresa was acting “aggressive.” She’s “like the exorcist”, Margaret said during a privately confessional before asking Teresa why she was acting the way she was. Especially after handing Jackie Goldschneider a dildo and telling her to stick it up her butt. Yes, Teresa did that. To be honest, she gave everyone a dildo, but Jackie was the only one she told to jam it up her butt. She said it was a response to Jackie telling Teresa to take her olive branch from last week and stick it up her butt, but as the great Caroline Manzo often says: two wrongs don’t make a right.

Anyway, Margaret asked Teresa why she was going so hard for Jackie, and Jackie said it was fine because she wanted nothing to do with Teresa. And Teresa was cool with that because she, too, wanted nothing to do with Jackie. Teresa said she’s a very confident woman and only likes to hang around confident women, which is when Jackie clapped back and asked Teresa whether she learned how to have confidence while in jail. Teresa said she wasn’t upset about going to jail, so that diss didn’t hurt her, but we didn’t believe her because she stormed off, put her middle finger up and said she refused to hang out with Jackie any longer. Once again, Jackie won.

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