Waka Flocka Became ‘Best Friends’ With His Daughter, Charlie, 15, In Quarantine: ‘She’s My Life’

Quarantine allowed rapper Waka Flocka to spend more time with his family. He & Tammy Rivera spoke to HL about filming 'What The Flocka' during the pandemic!

Waka Flocka Flame‘s career had him out on the road, working late nights and not as much time as he would’ve liked to have been getting to know his daughter, Charlie, 15. The rapper and his wife Tammy Rivera spoke on the HollywoodLife Podcast about their We TV series, Tammy & Waka: What The Flocka and how they handled filming during quarantine. In the conversation, Waka mentioned that the pandemic allowed him to “become best friends” with Charlie and learn that she is “his life.”

“The pandemic let me know like, this little girl is my f***king life. She literally is my life. The pandemic just made you love the things that you’re supposed to cherish,” Waka told HL. “A lot of things I was cherishing I had no value. No emotional game. No financial gain… All I did was think about the business.”

Waka continued that one night in quarantine he and Charlie just “started talking,” and he just “let her talk.” “My daughter is like a mini-Kevin Hart!” he laughed. “She’s funny as hell. She’s super duper animated. And then, you just start hearing her insight about how she feels about her parents!” Charlie, who hails half a million TikTok followers, even has her parents join her in some of her dance challenges!

Tammy added that this season of Tammy & Waka: What The FlockaCharlie “pretty much carries the show.” “There’s a lot of Charlie growing and you’re going to see her more personality from her. Like she actually shocked us this season,” the “All These Kisses” singer said. “She kind of just grew into this little person and this little woman.”

In addition, Tammy revealed the family would dive into the discussions surrounding Black Lives Matter, the election, and more on their day to day life. “Just being a black woman and having a teenage daughter and having teenage nephews and growing up the way we did and seeing things that we’ve seen — it’s a part of our lifestyle every day,” Tammy said of the ongoing BLM conversations and systemic racism plaguing the US. “Every day I go on social media and I see something on social media that’s an injustice. I repost and I tweet and I bring awareness any way I can. It’s not just getting involved, it’s staying involved.”

2018 BET Awards – Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 24 Jun 2018 Waka Flocka Flame, left, and Tammy Rivera arrive at the BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater, in Los Angeles. (Shutterstock)

Waka, who attempted to run for president in 2016, added to his wife’s sentiments. “We are in a generation where we can create the world we live in, and currently we’re living in the effects of it from both sides,” he said. “Dr. King was preaching, talking about making change about the same things going on. So, change ain’t the answer. What’s the answer is let it go create your own narrative and move forward.”

Make sure to tune in to What The Flocka tonight and every Thursday at 9 PM ET on We TV!

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