‘The Resident’ Winter Finale Preview: Nic Faces Her Attacker On Her First Day Back At Work

Nic comes back to work at Chastain after her attack and comes face-to-face with the man who stabbed her in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'The Resident's winter finale.

Nic returns to Chastain after nearly losing her life, and her first day back is far from easy. Nic admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 9 episode of The Resident that she was tired of being at home all the time. Conrad stresses that she was simply healing from that horrible stab wound. Nic is bummed that her first day back is Billie’s last.

As Nic, Conrad, and Billie are having some small talk at the front desk, Nic hears a man screaming. She seems to recognize the voice. The man is an inmate who was involved in a riot. Nic walks over to the room where Devon and other doctors are working on this injured man.

The Resident
Nic sees her attacker in the March 9 episode. (FOX)

Conrad and Billie follow Nic. “Are you okay?” Conrad asks Nic. The thing is, Nic knows exactly who this man is. She replies, “That’s the man who stabbed me.”

In a previous episode, Nic’s life was put in jeopardy after she was stabbed in the stomach by a crazed man at the hospital. Nic had recently found out that she was pregnant, so this jaw-dropping twist hit CoNic fans hard. Nic and the baby survived, but it was a close call. The Chastain doctors all worked together to save one of their own.

The Resident
Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp, and Jessica Lucas in the March 9 episode. (FOX)

The synopsis for the March 9 episode reads: “On Nic’s first day back at Chastain, the man who attacked her is admitted to the ER, causing her to confront her trauma head-on. Cain, now in recovery, is self-conscious of his physical state and sets his eye on taking down Mina. Meanwhile, new intern Leela (guest star Anuja Joshi), both struggles and shines throughout her first day, causing Devon and Conrad to wonder if something bigger is going on.” The Resident season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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