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Ed Westwick & Louise Linton Reveal How They Achieved Their Hot Chemistry In New Movie ‘Me You Madness’

Ed Westwick and Louise Linton's campy new thriller 'Me You Madness' drops today on VOD. They talked spin class and fight scenes in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Ed Westwick, 33, and Louise Linton, 40, play lovers in the new film Me You Madness and their chemistry is off the charts. The Gossip Girl alum and the Scottish actress told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that a spin class on their first day of production played a part in their fast connection.

“From the get go we just laughed and joked the whole way through this,” Ed shared. “Going over the script and then kind of rehearsing and then like ad libbing all of that. It was so kind of free and filled with fun and neither of us took ourselves seriously and that played into the whole comedy of everything.”
Ed Westwick Me You Madness Interview
Ed Westwick and Louise Linton get close in a still from their new movie ‘You Me Madness.’
“And I felt so safe as an actor with Louise,” he continued. “To just be free and just explore this kind of comedy. So yeah, I think it was there from the get go and it just grew and grew. Everyone involed in the film, all the crew as well, everyone was just having a blast.”
In order to break the ice Louise dragged Ed to take his very first spin class on day one of rehearsals. “It was early on and it was part of like the team bonding and you know what, maybe I’ll go again,” he shared.
Spin class is a running theme in the movie, which was written, directed and produced by Louise. In the dark comedy, best described as a feminist version of American Psycho, Louise plays Catherine Black, an uber-rich hedge-fund manager with a taste for murder and a passion for spin class. Ed plays Tyler Jones, a petty thief who she entices to her palatial Malibu mansion with the intent to kill him.
Ed Westwick Me You Madness Interview
Ed Westwick and Louise Linton in a scene from their new movie ‘You Me Madness.’
Things take a turn when the self-declared psychopath falls for her unsuspecting younger lover. The pair’s unlikely — and combative — romance unfolds to a soundtrack of ’80s pop hits including “Maniac,” “I’m So Excited,” Take on Me” and “Hungry Like a Wolf.”
In one of Ed’s most memorable scenes he’s caught bumping and grinding while wearing nothing but a red satin robe. A sight that will surely have Chuck Bass fans falling hard for his character Tyler Jones.


Another stand out scene is an over the top fight sequence that involves Ed literally grabbing Louise as she soars over his head. And, according to the co-stars, the scene almost got a little too real.

“During the fight sequence,” Ed shared, “Louise jumped up and flew over my head and I just thought, I have to catch this woman. I just kind of grabbed for her, I didn’t even think, because otherwise she would have landed flat on her head and that would have been the end of that.”

Louise is grateful Ed didn’t drop her — but the actress, turned director, is equally grateful the camera kept rolling. “I was thinking don’t drop me. But worse, I was like, ‘Don’t cut’,” she admitted with a laugh. “You know, because I thought this would be great to keep in the film. So we ended up keeping it in the movie. But hey, Ed, thanks so much for saving my life.”

Me You Madness is available on all streaming services Friday, February 12.