Kylie Jenner Does Dad Caitlyn’s Makeup For The 1st Time & Jokes She’s ‘Charging’: ‘I’m Expensive’ — Watch

Kylie Jenner confessed that her daughter Stormi is 'super athletic' just like Caitlyn in this sweet YouTube video!

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Kylie Jenner, 23, and dad Caitlyn Jenner, 71, have an unbreakable bond! The makeup mogul did Caitlyn’s makeup for the first time in a sweet new YouTube video posted on Saturday, Feb. 6. Kylie, of course, is a cosmetics wizard — and even joked she was going to be “charging” her Olympic medal winning pops. “So prepare yourself — it’s going to be really expensive,” she said as her dad got settled. “You’re charging?” Caitlyn hilariously replied.

The moment was full circle for the I Am Cait star, who got emotional on camera before entering the makeup room. “My little Kylie is going to do my makeup! I’m so excited, she’s never done it before…my little baby — I used to change her diapers! This is her office,” she said, clearly so proud of Kylie’s accomplishments! The 23-year-old launched Kylie Cosmetics with just three lip kits back in Nov. 2015, and has since expanded offerings to include various themed collections with glosses, eye shadow palettes, concealers and more.

During the 15 minute video, Kylie and Caitlyn also talked about the decision to still call Cait “Dad” — even after her 2015 transition from Bruce. “I know we had a talk about it a few years ago and you were still okay with [Kendall and I] calling you ‘dad’ — how do you feel about that now?” Kylie asked. “It was one of the best decisions I ever made,” Cait confessed. “I felt like I had to do it my way…I’m a dad, I’ve been a dad the whole way — I will be their father until the day I say,” she added.

It was so sweet to see the duo have a candid conversation about their paths in recent years. “I was so supportive of you [during the transition],” Kylie said at one point, saying she just wanted her dad to “be free and live.” Cait echoed that “getting up in the morning” and “being able to be yourself all day” made her feel “so fortunate” after “sneaking around” over the years. Caitlyn and Kylie’s relationship was only strengthened by the birth of little Stormi, 3, in 2018. “Is little Stormi into the makeup yet? Caitlyn asked, as Kylie confessed that her daughter is actually “very athletic” — just like her “Boom Boom” (what Stormi calls Caitlyn).

Caitlyn even reflected back on when Kylie was born — way back in August 1997! “You know the first thing I said to your mom [Kris Jenner] when you popped out?” he began. “You hadn’t even come out of the womb — your little head popped out and I was down there helping doctors get you out, and when you looked up at me, you looked exactly like Kendall,” who was born two years earlier in 1995. “Then I said, ‘Oh my god! We just did this.” So sweet!