Dolly Parton Flips Her Classic Hit For Squarespace’s Super Bowl Ad About Those Working ‘5 To 9’

The work landscape has changed since Dolly Parton starred in ‘9 To 5,’ and to help those dreamers with their after-work gigs, she’s teamed with Squarespace for a Super Bowl commercial about hustling ‘5 to 9.’

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The world was a much different place when Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin teamed up for 1980’s 9 To 5. Shoulder pads were big, phones were wired, and it was all about the Aqua Net, not the internet. Yet, four decades after that film, hustle remains the same. Nowadays, everyone has some other side project – be it a second job or a first passion – waiting for them to clock out for the day. To celebrate these self-starting entrepreneurs, Squarespace has teamed with the music icon herself for “5 to 9,” a Super Bowl LV commercial directed by La La Land’s Damien Chazelle.

Choreographed by Tony Award winner Justin Peck, the spot opens up on a dull, grey pre-COVID workspace, where employees sit slumped and listless in their cubicles. Copies are made. Assignments get delegated. It’s all very depressing until the 5 o’clock rolls around. From there, this monochromatic office transforms into a technicolor dreamscape, with each worker focusing on their side-hustle in hopes of making it their full-time job. “You’ve got passion and a vision / because it’s hustlin’ time, the only way to make a livin’!” sings Dolly in “5 to 9,” a reworking of her classic hit (that you can listen to in full below). “Gonna change your life, do something that gives it meaning! / with a website that is worthy of your dreamin’!” Dolly also makes a cameo, a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” appearance (or, more appropriately, a “wink-and-you’ll-miss-it” cameo.)

Squarespace’s Super Bowl LV commercial takes the cake. See what we did there? Oh, you did? Uh, good.

“I loved the idea of taking my song ‘9 to 5’ and mixing it up for a new Squarespace campaign. That’s the beauty of music, it is always changing and growing to meet the world around it,” said Dolly Parton in a press release for the commercial. “There’s a whole new generation of people out there ready to change the world, to meet the growing needs that they see, and I think Squarespace is going to be there with them every step of the way.”

Squarespace also helped Dolly with one of her numerous side-hustles. The hardest working woman in showbusiness used the all-in-one website building and e-commerce platform to create a website for her namesake perfume. will go live just before Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7.

His ambition is to go swimmin’ with some fishes.

This ad continues Squarespace’s presence during the NFL’s big game. In 2020, Winona Ryder starred in what was essentially the cutest Coen Brothers film when she visited Winona, Minnesota. Keanu Reeves got mystical before pulling off an actual and incredible motorcycle stunt in 2018, one year after John Malkovich found out what happens when you don’t use Squarespace to secure your domain (“I need John!”) Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele went inspirational in 2016, while Jeff Bridges went dreamy in 2015.

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