Meghan McCain Claps Back After Critic Says ‘View’ Host Would Be ‘Flipping Burgers If Not For’ Her Dad

Meghan McCain fired back at a right wing commentator on Twitter who claimed 'The View' cohost wouldn't have her job if she wasn't John McCain's daughter. Meghan took her to task with a simple tweet.

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Meghan McCain
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Meghan McCain had no time for nonsense when a right wing extremist attacked her on Twitter. After Meghan said earlier in the day on The View that she supported former President Donald Trump‘s impeachment and the upcoming Senate trial, Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America, tweeted that people should not “listen to or trust RINOS” like Meghan. “RINOS” is shorthand for Republican In Name Only.

“Oh, sweetie…. there’s gotta be an easier way to get booked on your sad cable news hits at 4 am than tweeting junk at me,” Meghan shot back. That spurred a short back-and-forth with Brigitte, a public speaker and author who staunchly supports Trump. “You would be flipping burgers if not for your father, who by the way was a terrible and incredibly corrupt Senator,” Brigitte had the audacity to tweet at The View host.

Her father, of course, is the late Arizona Senator John McCain, who passed away from brain cancer in 2018. Meghan’s response was short and simple. She just quote-tweeted Brigitte and posted a gif of Marcia Brady saying “Sure, Jan.” Truly, nothing ends a conversation faster than that gif. Meghan has since deleted the tweet, but you can see it below, in all its glory:

Meghan McCain/Twitter

Though Meghan is a proud, lifelong conservative, she has made it clear that she doesn’t support Trump and condemns the actions of MAGA insurrectionists at the Capitol. She took it a step further on the January 26 episode of The View by saying that she “cannot defend” her fellow Republicans who are against Trump’s impeachment. “I believe President Trump should be impeached. I believe we have to take a stand and have a fine line about what is acceptable for a president to do or not. He incited a riot. People got violent. People died,” she said.