Matthew McConaughey Sheds His ‘Flat’ Existence For A New Dimension In Doritos’ Super Bowl Ad

Sometimes, life can feel like it’s missing something. Just as Matthew McConaughey, who breaks free of his #FlatMatthew persona thanks to Doritos 3D Crunch in the snack’s Super Bowl LV commercial.

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After Doritos 3D Crunch teased that there was a #FlatMatthew on the way, it wasn’t Matthew Broderick, Matthew Perry, or a formal Matt Damon. It was none other than Matthew McConaughey, who hasn’t “been feeling quite like myself” at the start of the snack’s Super Bowl LV commercial. It’s obvious to see why: he’s flat! The actor, who gained are reputation for being deep and multi-layered through his work and interviews, is pretty one-dimensional in this ad. Actually, he’s two dimensional, a deflated, disturbing version of himself.

“Life used to feel fuller,” he says, while Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” plays. It’s not that easy, being flat. Vacuuming robots are your enemy. It’s impossible to walk the dog without turning in to a kite. Driving a convertible is definitely not fun, and late-night talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel  crack jokes at your expense (and don’t even mention the look of horror on Mindy Kaling’s face as she sees what happened.) Thankfully, a vending machine packed with the new Doritos 3D Crunch is here to help….until a newly three-dimensional Matthew gets stuck in the machine. At least he has plenty to snack on.

You wouldn’t have an extra third dimension, would you? You’d be cooler if you did.

The #FlatMatthew conundrum was first introduced in the teaser, featuring Jimmy and Mindy.  “Did you see him backstage?” Jimmy Kimmel asks Mindy Kaling at the start of the preview. “Oh, he’s got a new look. Like, a look that no one’s ever had before. But don’t mention it. Be cool.”However, when Mindy turns to see this unnamed celebrity come out for the interview, she is far from being “cool.” “Holy sh—” she says, right as the teaser cuts off.

Fans are encouraged to get flat with this year’s Doritos campaign from their own homes. Head on over to TikTok and try out a new Branded Effect to turn yourself fully flat and discover what they’d look like as their own version of #FlatMatthew. Two interactive lenses are available via Snapchat, per a press release, with one AR experience allowing fans to place a Doritos 3D Crunch vending machine in their home (and purchase a bag right there.) S second face lens gives fans the chance to ‘flatten’ themselves just like #FlatMatthew.

Can’t ride with the top down when you’re flat, Matt.

“Doritos is a flagship brand of PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division and has been a Super Bowl fixture for decades. We’re thrilled to continue this tradition with this year’s dynamic Super Bowl commercial alongside Matthew McConaugheyMindy Kaling, and Jimmy Kimmel as we celebrate the much-anticipated return of Doritos 3D Crunch,” said Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Frito-Lay North America. “We pride ourselves on Doritos Super Bowl commercials bringing smiles to fans’ faces each and every year and are confident that this year’s #FlatMatthew campaign will deliver once again.”

With the 1990s en vogue at the moment, Doritos have finally given in to the years of social media buzzing from snack enthusiasts and brought back Doritos 3D for a new generation. Doritos 3D Crunch is described as “another level version” of the original Doritos 3D snack. It’s fitting that Doritos 3D Crunch will be featured in the Super Bowl since it was the memorable “Laundromat” commercial (featuring actress Ali Landry) during 1998’s Super Bowl XXXII that put the snack on the map.

Doritos 3D Crunch will feature the same three-dimensional shape and come in two bold flavors: Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nacho. These flavor offerings are Frito-Lay’s latest expansion in the hot-and-spicy food category, one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry, per PR Newswire.

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