Nancy Pelosi Supporters Criticize Lesley Stahl For ’60 Minutes’ Interview: ‘Why Ask About Her Age?’

'60 Minutes' and interviewer Lesley Stahl are being highly criticized on Twitter for bringing up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's age amidst the crisis at Capitol Hill.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s supporters want to know why, in the wake of a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill, 60 Minutes journalist Lesley Stahl chose to talk about her age. Pelosi had just finished talking about President Donald Trump‘s ties to Russia, when Stahl abruptly switched the topic to the “A word,” her term for age. “You’re 80. Your number two, Steny Hoyer‘s 81. Your number three, Jim Clyburn, is 80. Why haven’t you brought young people into the leadership?”

Pelosi denied that House leadership isn’t trying to set up younger congresspeople for success. Stahl also attempted to bait her into slamming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N-NY), 30, who has called for younger House leadership. “I’m not dismissing her. I respect her,” Pelosi said in the January 10 interview. “I think she’s very effective as are other– many other members in our caucus that the press doesn’t pay attention to. But they are there and they are building support for what comes next.”

60 Minutes viewers were incensed after listening to Stahl, who is 79 herself, talk about Pelosi’s age, especially in such a critical time in US politics. “What an abysmal interview of @SpeakerPelosi. #60Minutes,” a Twitter user wrote. “This kind of smarmy & poisonous interview Might have worked (might!) prior to Wednesday but the tone and questions from Lesley Stahl was abhorrent. The question on her Age? Give us a break. Lesley is her age. Do better.”

“Nancy Pelosi is 80 and a badass. Lesley Stahl is 79 and still not great at her job. That’s all. #60Minutes,” an unimpressed 60 Minutes viewer shared. “What’s with Lesley Stahl? ‘Let’s talk about the A word,'” another Twitter user wrote. “What is that about?? We want to hear about what happened on Wednesday and the fact that are nation is in crisis and she wants to talk about Nancy’s age???? #60Minutes”