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‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Chelsea Houska Reveals Why She Quit The Show During Tearful Goodbye Episode

The Dec. 29 season finale of 'Teen Mom 2' was a real tearjerker, as it served as Chelsea Houska's final episode of the series.

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After one decade, and ten seasons of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska made the heartbreaking decision to leave the series during the Dec. 29 season finale. And while many fans already knew this would happen — Chelsea initially confirmed the news on Instagram on Nov. 10 — Chelsea hadn’t revealed the reasoning behind her decision until now.

While sitting down with husband, Cole DeBoer, Chelsea said she had been “questioning” whether or not her time on Teen Mom 2 was “coming to an end”. Chelsea acknowledged that it was “definitely not an easy thing” to decide — especially because she had been doing the show since she was 17 — but with COVID cases peaking in South Dakota and her kids getting older, she felt like maybe it was the best time to call it quits.

“With the business, the [new] house, and the [forthcoming] baby, and everything, I just feel like I don’t want to be on the show anymore,” Chelsea later told her dad, Randy Houska. He agreed that for Aubree’s sake, it “may be time too”, and Chelsea said she felt the same way. “That’s what I’m thinking — I feel like a lot of [the show] has always revolved around her personal life the most, and as she’s getting older, in her teen years, I just feel like that’s not something that needs to necessarily be out there for everyone to have their opinion on.”

Chelsea went on to say that the “hardest part” about leaving the show is parting ways with the amazing crew. “It’s bittersweet — it’s not a good thing and it’s not a bad thing. It just feels like the right thing,” she told Randy.

When Chelsea’s longtime producer of five years, Mandi, later asked Chelsea what led to her decision, she said it mainly came down to the fact that her kids are getting older, and they shouldn’t have to be forced to be on a TV show. “I want [Aubree] to be able to tell me things and not worry about it being on TV. I think it’s just time. I mean, it’s f***ing scary. It’s all I’ve known since I was 17, but I just feel like it’s the right decision for us,” she said as she started breaking down in tears.

“I just am so grateful and I’m just so sad,” Chelsea said, as both Mandi and Cole also started crying.

Then in a private confessional, Chelsea concluded: “I want to be a close-knit family. I’m having this fourth baby, and we’re moving into our new house — [it’s kind of a] next chapter all around. I want to kick ass, and be a good mom and a good wife, and that’s all I’ve really ever wanted, and it’s still all I want.”

Meanwhile, Leah Messer withdrew Gracie from cheer in order to keep Ali, who contracted strep throat for a second time, safe amid the pandemic.

Later, Kailyn Lowry tried to make amends with Javi Marroquin‘s fiancee, Lauren, after she claimed Javi tried to “f***” her in a Wawa parking lot. However, because Javi denied Kailyn’s claim, and Lauren said Kailyn had embarrassed her more than once before, nothing truly got resolved.

And finally, Jade Cline dealt with Sean‘s literal and figurative messes after he broke her window, while Briana DeJesus cut Devoin out of her life after he shared her phone number on the internet.

Want more? The Teen Mom 2 Season 10 reunion airs next Tuesday, Jan. 5, at 8pm on MTV.