‘RHOA’ Recap: Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley Split, Cynthia Refuses To Have A ‘Tiny Wedding’

Quarantine got the best of Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley, as she revealed their time together 'led to divorce in five months', during the Dec 20 episode of 'RHOA'.

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After returning home from her second arrest in Kentucky, during the Dec. 20 episode of The Real Housewives of AtlantaPorsha Williams revealed that she and fiance Dennis McKinley have split. It was actually during a fun-filled reunion with Tanya Sam and sister Lauren Williams that Porsha revealed the heartbreaking news, but she didn’t seem to upset about it.

While on their way to a new friend’s house for an intimate pool party, Tanya expressed how much she appreciated Porsha inviting her to join them because she hadn’t spent any time with girlfriends since quarantine started. And that’s when Porsha asked Tanya how she and fiance Paul Judge are surviving at home together.

Porsha Williams tells her sister, Lauren, and Tanya Sam that she and Dennis McKinley have split. (BRAVO)

“I feel like it has its ups and downs. There were times where I was like, ‘Man, this is such a blessing. I love you.’ And [then] there were times where I just was like [insert cat hissing noise here]. I just was like, ‘Go somewhere!’ And there’s no where to go,” Tanya told the girls.

Porsha then chimed in and shared her own experience from quarantine. “It started different, I’m not going to lie. Quarantine started like honeymoon — like [we were] f***ing everywhere, and cooking everything, and, ‘Oh my God, he’s right here.’ Then, it turned to divorce within five months. I am divorced. It like sped my s*** up.”

Then, during her private confessional, she further explained: “Dennis and I — we had this major argument and it kind of just sent me over the edge. I don’t necessarily like who I am in the relationship right now. This breakup is just something that I need to do for me.”

“I’m so broken, I’m so weak — I can’t even deal with it,” Porsha further told the ladies after revealing how she’s trying to cope with her current situation.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Bailey was experiencing some relationship troubles of her own. During a wedding venue tour with fiance Mike Hill, they argued about whether or not it was the size of the wedding that mattered. Mike was dead set on getting married to Cynthia on their intended wedding date — 10/10/20 — but Cynthia was more concerned with the size of the event. She wanted a lot of people there, no matter what — even if that meant postponing the wedding and forgoing their highly-publicized wedding date.

Mike, however, couldn’t wrap his head around that because he, himself, just wanted to get married to Cynthia on that date… no matter who was or wasn’t able to attend and witness the nuptials. Because for him, the marriage is more important than the wedding itself. Sadly, Cynthia didn’t exactly feel the same way. She claimed the most important thing was marrying Mike, but she also said she wanted the wedding to be huge and she shouldn’t be shamed for that.

In other RHOA news, Kenya Moore advised Cynthia to get a prenuptial agreement — and do it sooner, rather than later. While Drew Sidora and husband Ralph agreed to go to marriage counseling.

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