‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding’ Star Teases It’s Not An ‘Easy Road’ To Jacquie & Tyler’s Big Day

Jacquie and Tyler's love story continues in 'Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding.' HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Thomas Cadrot about the couple's road to the big day and a potential third movie!

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Kelly Rowland
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Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding is making Lifetime history. The film, premiering Nov. 28, is Lifetime’s first-ever Christmas sequel. Jacquie and Tyler are planning their perfect destination wedding in the sequel. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Thomas Cadrot about Jacquie and Tyler’s journey.

“Without spoiling too much, it’s not going to be an easy road to the wedding,” Thomas revealed. “But I can also say it’s going to be a beautiful one. It’s going to be a very majestic one. We shot in a beautiful location here off the coast of Vancouver, in Victoria, a beautiful resort and the setting was fabulous. Everything just got upgraded this year, whether it was wardrobe or location. Jackie and her wedding dress… she was magnificent. I had to tell Kelly [Rowland] in between takes that this required no acting at all. Like my breath was taken away from me when I saw her walk through the door in that wedding dress. So I can guarantee a very beautiful ceremony, a very emotional one.”

Kelly Rowland Thomas Cadrot
Kelly Rowland & Thomas Cadrot return for ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding.’ (Ryan Plummer/Lifetime)

Returning for a sequel is something he didn’t expect, Thomas is so grateful that it happened. “We feel very fortunate,” Thomas told HollywoodLife. “For me, particularly, just being part of this cast the first time around was so much fun. After 20 days of shooting, it felt like you were kind of leaving your family a little bit. So the fact that we got to be reunited a year later, especially doing a sequel, which has never been done at Lifetime, I feel very, very happy.”

A Merry Liddle Christmas sequel opens the door for a potential third movie. “I’m down for anything,” Thomas said about returning for a third movie. “We can keep making these. I will keep signing on to them. It’s so much fun. I don’t know exactly what the plan is, but I’m always on board.”

Thomas Cadrot
Thomas Cadrot stars as Tyler in ‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding.’ (Ryan Plummer/Lifetime)

As for the storyline for a potential third movie, Thomas thinks a “baby storyline” is a “given. But also, maybe not necessarily our baby. Maybe Treena’s baby. There are so many directions we can go in because it’s such a big family with very charismatic characters that any storyline will keep us engaged.”