Singer Ryan Woods Discovers ‘There’s No Insurance For A Broken Heart’ In Sweet New Song

Though the future has brought us Zoom calls, Uber Eats, and Twitter Fleets, it has yet to find a way to prevent a broken heart, a reality that rising singer-songwriter Ryan Woods discovers in his touching new track.

Though science has come up with 4K HD flatscreens, algorithms that can predict your new favorite taco truck, and a way to buy a hot tub via your phone, there is one fundamental problem that has yet to be solved by the marvels of the modern world: heartbreak. That aspect of the human condition is at heart – pun intended – of the new song from Ryan Woods, the wonderfully titled “There’s No Insurance For A Broken Heart.” In this slice of pure dream-pop goodness, the Zane Lowe-approved newcomer encourages an unnamed paramour to take a chance on love. Why? Because “time won’t wait” for them, and if they “leave at the start / you’ll miss the best part.”

Perhaps the best part of this new song is the empathy that radiates from Ryan’s songwriting. He sings not from a place of unabashed bravado but from a point of understanding. This warmth shines on this excellent track. It’s clear that he’s experienced the titular broken heart but knows that the joys of life – and love – are ultimately worth the risk. “There’s no insurance for a broken heart,” Ryan tells HollywoodLife. “You can’t be scared that everyone is out to break your heart because the reality is: you can’t control what you or anyone else feels.”

Ryan Woods is here to remind you there’s not ‘insurance’ for a broken heart.

“This song started out as just a conversation between me and a friend, who recently entered a new relationship and was struggling to trust the person with her heart,” adds Ryan. “Being somewhat of a guarded person myself, I’ve experienced and worked through similar challenges that led me to the realization that there’s no insurance for a broken heart. You can’t be scared that everyone is out to break your heart because the reality is: you can’t control what you or anyone else feels.”

RENFORSHORT (Saul H. Moreno / @salhmore)

An official music video is on its way, and it will feature Ryan opposite RENFORSHORT, an up-and-coming artist in her own right. She released the official video for “afterthoughts” in October and her teenage angst EP earlier in the year.


There’s No Insurance For A Broken Heart” follows Ryan’s previous single, “Pillow.” The indie-pop bop was given the seal of approval by none other than Zane Lowe, who played it on his Apple Music show in late August. The song, one that puts the “bed” in “bedroom pop,” is about a girl Ryan had a crush on, even though he met her just once. “I kind of let my mind wander and imagine how life would be with her. It drove me crazy because how could a person I met once have such an effect on me?” he said after the song’s release.

“I wasn’t comfortable telling her in the moment because the weight of my feelings just seemed irrational, and I’m also just a bit shy and soft-spoken on top of that,” he added. Fans can get comfortable with the idea of more music from this inventive and thoughtful new songwriter. Ryan has a debut EP on the way. It might not be as good as a flying car or a teleporter, but it’s pretty damn close.

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