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‘Top Chef’ Marcel Vigneron & Lauren Rae Levy Throw Intimate Virtual Shower Ahead Of Rainbow Baby’s Arrival

The Levy-Vigneron's found a safe way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their rainbow baby with a perfectly splendid virtual shower! See the beautiful photos!

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Image Credit: Sidney Pavia

Entrepreneur Lauren Rae Levy had given up hope having a baby shower due to the ongoing pandemic. However, with the help of her husband, Top Chef star Marcel Vigneron, and her close friends, Lauren and Marcel pulled together a stunning, virtual celebration filled with laughs, games and so much love for “Baby LV.” “I don’t even know how many times I cried happy tears on this day. It was my first time surrounded by so many loved ones since our wedding last November. Being pregnant during quarantine has been challenging with most of my friends, and all of our family being so far away, but this was such a special way to be together. Thanks to today’s technology (Zoom) we could see friends tuning in from Paris, London, NY, Arizona and more, all together,” Lauren gushed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

LRL & Marcel
The happy couple sat in front of a custom balloon wall, with a stunning flower arrangement, diaper cake from the Honest Company and baby blocks filled with blue and white balloons spelling out the word BABY. (Sidney Pavia)

In the photos, she mama-to-be can be seen showing off her 33 week bump wearing a baby blue dress by Pink Blush Maternity. She styled Marcel in a “Baby Carlos” T-shirt from The Hangover and the couple’s our rescue husky Blue wore a “big sister bandana.” Lauren revealed that after suffering a miscarriage last December, this occasion was even more special. “Experiencing this was really just a dream come true,” she said.

Lauren’s mother Mariean invited a small handful of her close female friends to virtually attend the gathering and encouraged the guests to wear blue for Baby LV — which the couple have called their future son ahead of his arrival. She mailed confirmed guests custom baby boy themed cookies that said Baby LV and a hand written note. Lauren and Marcel tuned into the event in front of a custom balloon wall, with a stunning flower arrangement, a diaper cake from the Honest Company and baby blocks filled with blue and white balloons spelling out the word ‘BABY.’

baby shower
Lauren’s dress is by Pink Blush Maternity. (Sidney Pavia)

Marcel had the major job of MCing the event, which he said he took ‘very seriously.’ “I wanted everything to be perfect for Lauren’s big day as this is something I know that she had envisioned for quite some time and unfortunately for a moment there, she thought that it wasn’t going to happen.  Fortunately we were blessed with decent WiFi on that day so things ran smoothly!” the chef said. “I was glad that we were able to have a baby shower for Lauren over quarantine and honestly having the pregnancy during the lockdowns has actually been kind of nice. It’s allowed For us to focus in our family and spend lots of valuable time with each other and our growing baby. Every day has been a blessing and I am anxiously anticipating the day when our Baby Boy decides to pop out into this world and grace us with his beautiful presence.”

The couple indulged in a custom cake from Sweet Lady Jane Bakery while guests enjoyed their custom Baby LV cookies during the baby shower. To finish things off, Lauren’s best friend Producer Nicki Cortese, who married Levy and Vigneron last November, hosted a game via the app Kahoot. The game included everything from questions about babies and birth, to a celebrity children guessing game, with baby pics of Marcel and Lauren in the mix.

baby shower
Top Chef star Marcel Vigneron MC’d his wife’s virtual baby shower. (Sidney Pavia)

When it comes to Baby LV’s arrival, Lauren and Marcel are prepared with just one month left! “Our rainbow baby boy is due on December 15, but I have a hunch he may make his debut earlier. I’ve been in full nesting mode getting ready for his arrival,” Lauren gushed. ” Last night I hung up his first two weeks of clothes and earlier this week Marcel started assembling things like his high chair and a bluetooth baby rocker. Just waiting on a SNOO bassinet and Nuna car seat to come this week, and we’ll fully be set! This awesome concierge company called Gugu Guru helped us to pick out everything we needed based on our priorities and what suited us best. Other than that we’ve been working with my Doula Jen, meeting with my midwife Naomi, and Dr. Steve Rad to stay on track.”

We’re so excited for the beautiful couple and the upcoming birth of their rainbow baby!