‘Pandora’s Priscilla Quintana ‘Wouldn’t Say’ Jax & Xander Are ‘End Game’: ‘She Can’t Trust Him’

For all of those shipping Jax and Xander, we hate to tell you but actress Priscilla Quintana says the 'Pandora' on-again, off-again duo aren't 'end game.'

Pandora on the CW has entered its second season, led by actress Priscilla Quintana, and the struggle between humanity and science is ever-relevant. This is even more clear when looking at the main character, Jax’s relationships, specifically with her mom and her on-again, off-again romance with Xander (Oliver Dench). The show, which takes place in the year 2199, follows Jacqueline “Jax” Zhou, aka Pandora, whose parents were ‘killed’ in a surprise attack on the planet colony they were living on, and who arrives to Earth Space Training Academy as a student, but begins to discover things aren’t really as they appear.

(photo by Emily Sandifer)

In season 2 so far we’ve found out that Jax’s scientist mom is actually alive, and the tensions between them sky rocket. At the same time, fans have become heavily invested in Jax’s relationship with Xander Duvall, Professor Osborn’s teaching assistant at Earth Space Training Academy, who is her love interest, despite the many secrets he’s hidden from her. “Their relationship really does struggle. We started off super strong and the writers gave the viewers what they wanted to see, which is us developing a relationship and trusting each other and having that communication and trust in one another, but as the season goes on, Jax has a really hard time trusting him,” Priscilla told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I wouldn’t say that they are end game, unfortunately. I would like to see that, but there’s just too much going on.”

Priscilla continued, “With Xander, he’s been promoted. He’s a leader, so he wants so badly to have that relationship with Jax, but at the end of the day he has duties and loyalties to his career, and it just tears them apart, I think.”

Priscilla Quintana
(photo by Emily Sandifer)

Similarly, Priscilla believes Jax’s relationship with her mom is not mendable. “She can’t trust her mom which is really heartbreaking and I wouldn’t say that the relationship necessarily develops which is really, really sad for Jax,” she revealed. “Your mom doesn’t love you the way that she always told you that she did. So, Jax is really just trying to come to terms with that.”

To see all of this unfold, and Priscilla in action as Jax, watch Pandora on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW!

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