Dempsey Hope Reveals How His New ‘Project’ Reveals A ‘Metaphorical Peek’ Into His Creative Vision

Rising pop star Dempsey Hope is poised to be your favorite new singer. He just released ‘the dempsey hope project’ and shares EXCLUSIVELY with HL how he hopes it inspires people to ‘feel good.’

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Seamlessly blending in EDM, hip-hop, R&B, and pop, the dempsey hope project is the grand introduction of Dempsey Hope, a new talent hailing from Seattle and ready to take over the music world. Already building up a buzz as one of your cool friend’s favorite new singers, Dempsey’s new 10-track project features the music that he’s been crafting over the last few months. project includes his standout singles — “baby blue” (his infectious collab with Olivia O’Brien), “roller rink,” “commitment issues,” and “elephant in the room” (featuring gnash) — but as Dempsey says, this project represents a whole lot more than just a collection of songs.

“This project is special to me because it’s really an interesting culmination of the last year of my life,” Dempsey shares with HollywoodLife. “I love the songs that I created on this project because I feel like they give you a densely metaphorical peek into my life, as I put a lot of inspiration and intention into all of my lyrics. Also, this last year has been such a roller coaster with the state of our country and the world, but I’ve had much personal growth, and I feel like it shines through on the dempsey hope project, so I hope it inspires people and makes them feel good. My absolute favorite thing is to share new music with my fans, so I’m excited to get this out there and plot on dropping the next.”

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Dempsey Hope took the first steps of his career by recording covers for YouTube and releasing short a cappella videos on TikTok. Through this inadvertent “focus testing,” Dempsey was able to try out new hooks and beats, figuring out which bits and pieces connected with audiences. One particular hook in June – the melody that would become “Time Flies” – racked up more than 150,000 views in a day, per the Seattle Times.

Dempsey tweaked and changed the lyrics and creating a follow-up video that took off. After one video picked up more than three million views, he knew he had something. “The next day,” he told the Times, “it was like, ‘all right, it’s time to make this a real song.’” The release of “Time Flies” led Dempsey to sign with RCA, bringing his hip-hop/R&B-inspired pop out of his bedroom and into the mainstream public.

Meet Dempsey Hope (Jason Lester)

With 2020 wrapping up, the dempsey hope project could be considered an early Christmas gift to music fans. Or, think of it as the first chapter, the first step in a potentially explosive music career. If there’s anything that could inspire some ‘hope’ that a better tomorrow is around the corner, it’s the prospect of new music from this intriguing new talent.

the dempsey hope project is out now.

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