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Rock Band Seaway Captures A ‘Dark & Seedy’ Vibe In Fun New ‘Mrs. David’ Music Video

Seaway’s new music video is a ‘Big Vibe.' The rockers just released their new album, and they tell HL EXCLUSIVELY how a ‘happy accident’ led to the creation of this ‘Bowie’-inspired video, ‘Mrs. David’

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If there’s one song that might be a theme of 2020, it’s “Under Pressure,” the iconic collab between David Bowie and Queen. A close second might be “Mrs. David,” the new song and video from Seaway. Released on Oct. 16, the same day the Toronto rockers – Ryan Locke, Andrew Eichinger, Adam Shoji, and Ken Taylor — have released their Big Vibe album, “Mrs. David” is part 80s love letter (the Magnum, P.I./Tom Selleck mustache game is on point), and one part spiritual successor to Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” (with a dash of Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacey’s Mom.”) It’s a perfect capsule of Seaway’s energetic and infectious brand of rock, and it nearly didn’t make it onto the group’s new album.

” ’Mrs. David’ is a special song for us because it was written after the record [Big Vibe] was finished,” Seaway’s Ryan Locke shares with HollywoodLife. “The lockdown pushed our original release date back, so we were able to go back into the studio to add the song to the record. In my opinion, the album isn’t complete without this song, so it was a happy accident that the release was pushed, and we were able to add this song.” A silver lining, if there ever was one.

Seaway is brings the colorful ‘vibes’ on their new album (Benjamin Lieber)

For the visual for the unexpected heart of the album, Seaway looked towards the past for influence. “The video for ‘Mrs. David’ takes place in a fictional world we conjured up with Yeah Films. We wanted it to look dark and seedy almost like our own version of Gotham City,” said Ryan, who also clued HL in to the “Under Pressure” connection with “Mrs. David” The video pulls “heavy influence from David Bowie and Freddie Mercury,” he says, “to nail the 70’s/80’s influence of the video.”

Vibing out with Seaway (Benjamin Lieber)

Nailed it, the band did. With eleven tracks – including the title track, which is 100% fortified with fun – Seaway brings an album that not only will energize you from start to stop but it also presents Seaway at its fullest. “It’s probably a cliché to say this,” guitarist Andrew Eichinger said in a statement, “but I think this is the record we’ve always wanted to make. Because before, we always had in the back of our minds a thought about what people wanted to hear. This time, we just thought we’d write a bunch of songs and see how they came out. Honestly, we just did whatever the hell we wanted.”

Formed in Oakville, Ontario, in 2011, Seaway has been exciting audiences with their signature brand of melodic rock/pop-punk ever since. Big Vibe is the band’s third LP on Pure Noise record, the first full-length of original music since 2017’s Vacation.

Big Vibe is out now.