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‘RHOBH’: Denise Richards Faces Backlash For Seemingly Blocking Brandi From Joining Reunion

Where in the world was Brandi Glanville? That's what the stars of 'RHOBH' were asking during the Sept. 9 episode, when the show's alum failed to appear on the reunion.

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After the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spent a better part of the Sept. 9 episode dissecting Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards‘ feud, as well as why Kyle called Denise Richards a “ragamuffin”, the focus during Part 2 of the reunion turned to Denise’s alleged affair with Brandi Glanville.

Almost immediately, Andy Cohen questioned Denise on how well she truly knows Brandi — especially after the cast saw “a year’s worth” of text messages between them — but Denise stuck to her guns and said she barely knows Brandi. She claimed that for every 10 texts Brandi sent her, she’d respond with one.

“She would always contact me wanting to go to dinner, and this and that, and I never did. It was a very — I would call it like an… acquaintance exchange, truly. But I was always nice to her. I was. I had no reason not to,” Denise said.

Lisa Rinna then asked Denise why she never called Brandi from Rome after hearing the accusations, but Denise said she didn’t because “she’s not a friend of mine.”

“Denise — you can’t keep lying,” Lisa told her. “You just can’t.” But Denise clapped back and said she’s the one telling the truth — even though Andy tried “discrediting” (Denise’s word, not ours) her by bringing up how during BravoCon, Denise said she was “friendly” with Brandi.

Andy said he was just trying to show “all sides”, but Erika Jayne was quick to note, “Except Brandi’s side”. And that’s when everyone started asking why Brandi wasn’t there. Even Denise played dumb and asked, “Where is Brandi?”, but Lisa shot back, “Hold on — you know what? This is bulls***. Why isn’t Brandi here to do this with you!”

Denise Richards
Denise Richards is not letting her co-stars affect her decision about possibly returning to ‘RHOBH’ for the 11th season. (Bravo)

Denise said she couldn’t understand why Brandi would even attend the reunion since she’s “not a part of our show”, but they, including Andy disagreed. “We’re talking about it,” he said, as Erika laughed and exclaimed, “what the f***”.

Denise then said she was “not going to give her the satisfaction to come on,” and when Erika asked point blank if Denise “stopped her from coming” on the reunion, Andy interjected. “The conversation at Bravo was that after [she said], ‘I licked her c***,’ there really was nowhere else to go. We’ve kind of heard enough, and what more can we add to this conversation?”

Lisa then said that if Denise didn’t want this drama, then she “probably shouldn’t have done it”, and by “it”, she meant the hookup. Denise became so upset that she threatened to releases alleged text messages sent to her by both Kyle and Lisa that would paint them in a negative light.

Denise also doubled down on her claim that Brandi once said she had sex with one of the ladies “in this group”, as well as someone else that they “all know”. But she refused to name names — even though everyone begged her to.

Want more drama? The final part of the RHOBH reunion special airs next Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 9pm on Bravo.