‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Tahiry Reunites With Vado As Lie Detector Results Cause Chaos

Tahiry was forced to make a final decision about her romance with Vado during the heartbreaking Sept. 3 season finale of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition'.

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The season finale of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, which aired on Sept. 3, was full of so much drama. Not only did the lie detector results wreak havoc on the house, but couples were forced to make their final decisions before going back into the real world. And on one had a tougher decision than Tahiry, who came face-to-face with Vado just days after their heated confrontation resulted in him getting escorted out of the boot camp.

But before we get to the couples’ final decisions, we have to share the lie detector results. Especially those, where “deception was indicated”. Most of the cast actually passed their lie detector tests with flying colors, but Medina was shocked to learn that when RHOA alum Phaedra Parks was asked whether or not she wanted to be in a sexual relationship with him, she said, “no”. And as Judge Lynn Toler said, “no deception was indicated”. It was a one-two punch that he had a hard time dealing with.

Meanwhile, De’Von was asked whether or not he was just dating Hazel-E for clout, and he said, “no”. Sadly, Judge Toler said deception was indicated, so Hazel-E was left heartbroken. She ran upstairs and broke down in tears, as she realized her worst fear had come true. But instead of letting her emotions consume her, she found a silver lining and just made her model boyfriend, De’Von, sign a managerial contract so even if he was using her for fame, she’d get 30% of everything he earns from that day forward.

So in the end, Hazel-E and De’Von did leave the house together. But so did every other couple — except for Phaedra and Medina. They decided to leave as “friends” after he chose not to give her a ring due to her lie detector result. Oh, and for more obvious reasons, Tahiry ended her relationship with Vado and left the house as a single woman.

After Vado tried choking her on camera earlier this season, Tahiry felt it was her responsibility to show viewers that it’s not okay to let a man treat a woman like that. He thought it was ridiculous that producers brought him back to the house just so she could dump him on camera, but Dr. Ish told Vado that her dumping him was just a consequence of his actions. And Judge Toler applauded Tahiry for doing what she felt was right.

And that’s a wrap on another successful season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition! Until next time…