‘RHOBH’ Reunion: Lisa Rinna Torches Denise Richards For Suggesting Bravo Should Fire Her

Denise Richards previously 'liked' a 'vile' tweet suggesting that Lisa Rinna should 'lose her job' on 'RHOBH', and now she's paying for it.

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We have to admit — the first half of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special was pretty tame. But once Denise Richards was put in the hot seat, all hell broke loose. After the ladies touched upon topics, including whether or not Garcelle Beauvais truly hates Kyle Richards (she doesn’t) and how everyone feels after Sutton Stracke‘s first season on the show, Denise was forced to address a lot of things she said earlier this season.

First, the ladies said it was hypocritical of Denise to get upset over their threesome talk around her daughters, when she talked about her husband, Aaron Phypers‘, “big penis” at the very same dinner party. Then, they said she lied about her daughter being “upset” over the threesome talk, as footage showed Sammy Sheen, 16, telling her mom that she and her friends thought the conversation was funny.

The ladies also clapped back at Denise for criticizing Erika Jayne over a comment she made earlier this season. When the ladies were in Santa Barbara and talking about how Denise was so hung up over the threesome talk because her daughters were present, Erika said all teenagers are having sex and most of them have either had threesomes or know what they are. Denise felt Erika was making an assumption about Denise’s daughters in particular, but Erika said she wasn’t, and they argued about that.

But the biggest argument came when Denise was asked about “liking” a tweet that suggested Lisa Rinna should lose her job. “I did not know it was for that,” Denise clapped back, while claiming that she only “liked” the tweet because she saw a shady “comment” about Erika Jayne. Then, when Andy Cohen asked her if she “liked” the tweet because of the Lisa Rinna diss, she said, “No. It was by accident, and that’s the truth.”

Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards go toe-to-toe during ‘RHOBH’s Season 10 reunion special. (BRAVO)

“I only saw the comment about Erika,” Denise said.

“She said that I should lose my job and that I’m a racist,” Lisa told the group, but Denise said that’s “not true”.

“Denise, you liked the tweet, and in liking the tweet, it says everything,” Lisa shot back before claiming that the only reason Denise deleted her “like” was because Bravo called her and demanded that she delete it. “It says everything [about you],” Lisa added. “It was vile.”

And with that, Part 1 came to the close. Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills air Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.