Phil Collins: Teen Brothers Break The Internet With Their Hilarious Response To ‘In The Air Tonight’

YouTube stars Tim and Fred Williams went viral with their wholesome reaction to hearing Phil Collins' song 'In The Air Tonight' for the very first time! Check out the moment.

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Twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams might be on their way to becoming as famous as the artist they appreciate in their latest video after going viral from their YouTube channel where they listen to songs for the very first time! Today, the brothers sent the internet ablaze with their reaction to hearing Phil Collins‘ 1981 song “In The Air Tonight” for the very first time. The video quickly made the rounds on Twitter, and seriously made everyone’s day.

After two minutes of introductions, the brothers started bobbing their heads along to the iconic drumming from the former Genesis band member’s tune. Their faces are so intent on catching every lyric, and every once in a while, they each let out a small sign of satisfaction from listening to the song used in the pilot episode of the series Miami Vice. Even better than their appreciation of the tune were some of their reactions to the lyrics!

At one point, when Collins’ sings the lyric “When you told me you were drowning/ I would not lend a hand,” one of the twins brings up his finger and nods his head, totally feeling where the songwriter was coming from. But the best reaction of all came when the brothers got to the drum solo at the end of the song. The young mens’ faces absolutely lit up, and they started grooving to the tune, just as Collins’ intended.

Footage from the joyful July 27 video quickly went viral, and many took to Twitter to share their reactions to the twins’ reactions of Phil Collins’ music! “These guys reacting to Phil Collins is everything I needed to see rn,” one Twitter user tweeted, sharing a clip from the nearly eight-minute long video. “These 2 teens listening to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins for the first time is absolute gold,” another said.

But the video isn’t the first time the twins have made headlines. Fred and Tim’s YouTube account, TwinsthenewTrend, has actually existed since October 2015 and has cultivated over 21 million views on their collection of videos to date. The brothers have listened to countless artists and their hits for the very first time, including Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene,” Prince‘s “Little Red Corvette,” Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah,” and so many more. And it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

phil collins
Phil Collins performing in Puerto Rico for ‘The Legendary Phil Collins Live’ at the Puerto Rico Coliseum on March 23, 2018 [SplashNews].
As for the origin of Collins’ song, the track comes from the artist’s 1981 album Face Value and is the debut solo single of the English singer and drummer. For years, rumors have swirled that the song could be about Collins’ divorce from his former wife, Andrea Bertorelli, or simply written at a time when the songwriter was experiencing a lot of stress taking a hiatus from Genesis; many of the lyrics are directed to an unknown subject. The song went on to crack the Billboard Hot 100, landing at the 19th position on the chart. Now that the song is getting a second (or third, fourth, fifth?) wave of recognition, we can only hope that Collins’ eyes befall the wholesome, sincere clip from Tim and Fred Williams!