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‘RHONY’: Dorinda’s Drinking Causes Concern & Leah’s Behavior Sends Ramona Over The Edge

Dorinda Medley shed some tears during the Aug. 6 episode of 'RHONY', after Ramona Singer told her that she should go to an 'AA' meeting.

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It’s no secret that the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City love to drink, but their behavior — specifically Dorinda Medley‘s — rubbed Ramona Singer the wrong way during the Aug. 6 episode. It all started when Ramona stormed out of a late night dinner after Leah McSweeney started talking about her vagina. Dorinda then went after Ramona and accused her of overreacting, but she clapped back by telling Dorinda to go to an AA meeting.

Dorinda then returned to the group and told Leah what Ramona had said, as her eyes started welling up. She couldn’t believe that Ramona would say such a thing to her, so Luann de Lesseps then went and tried to smooth things over with Ramona. However, when Luann returned and shared Ramona’s message with the rest of the ladies (that she was concerned with Dorinda’s drinking habits), Dorinda lashed out at Luann and said she’s the one who went to jail for drinking, so Ramona should be calling her out instead.

The next morning, Leah confronted Dorinda about her lashing out at Luann, but Dorinda didn’t feel that she did anything wrong. She said she was just making a point, while Ramona was deflecting. And since they were all about to go ride camels together, she didn’t want the drama from the night before to ruin their day.

The camel ride went well, until Sonja Morgan‘s started “bucking up” on her, and she begged to get off. Leah followed suit, and Ramona never got on, so Luann and Dorinda were the only ones to finished the ride. And afterwards, they briefly spoke about the incident the night before, which led to some resolution. Dorinda told Luann she meant no harm by her jail statement, so Luann let it slide.

Later, the ladies returned to their villa and got ready for a night out on the town. Dorinda had actually planned a surprise birthday dinner for Sonja and she was completely taken aback when they arrived at a Mexican restaurant and Dorinda finally shared the big secret. They sipped on margaritas, danced with a tiny server, wished Sonja a happy birthday.

But as soon as Leah started talking about private parts again, Ramona got up from her chair and walked away. Leah chased after her, but Ramona kept running and told Leah to leave her alone. When a defeated Leah returned to her seat, Ramona returned and gave her a kiss. She also said they’d talk later about their issues, but they ended the night with a smile and all was okay again.

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