‘Yellowstone’ Stars Tease The ‘Next Stage’ For Kayce & Monica After Family Drama & more

Kayce and Monica are finally in a good place. After marriage troubles and Tate's kidnapping, the 'Yellowstone' couple is forging ahead. HL spoke with Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille about what's next.

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Kayce, Monica, Tate, and John have been in a bit of a bubble in the wake of Tate’s kidnapping at the end of last season. The Duttons took some time away from living at the ranch to help Tate heal. The time away has been great for everyone, not just Tate. Kayce and Monica’s relationship is stronger than ever. However, they couldn’t live in this bubble forever. They have to move forward, and that brings big questions for the Duttons.

“I think having the ability to piece their family back together and have this moment of happiness, the question is now: so where do we go from here?” Kelsey Asbille told HollywoodLife. “As Kayce falls into his commissioner duties, I think Monica is also questioning how she can navigate both worlds and also be a part of her community. I think that there are a lot of questions on how we move forward, but something happens before we get to do that.”

Luke Grimes Kelsey Asbille
Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille as Kayce and Monica. (Paramount Network)

Kayce is now the new livestock commissioner. He’s largely shied away from business positions like that, but he has to step it up in Yellowstone season 3. “I think Kayce has a lot more responsibility this season,” Luke Grimes said. “He’s kind of stepping up and getting outside of his comfort zone. I think where he’d really like to be is wandering around in a pin with all the wranglers and playing cowboy, but what he’s going to have to do to be the best asset he can be for himself and his family is start taking on this responsibility. Kayce gets to sit at a desk a little bit more this season.”

Kayce and Monica have come a long way since last season. Their marriage nearly fell apart completely. After getting back together and saving Tate, these two have finally found peace.

Luke Grimes
Kayce will be getting new responsibilities in season 3. (Paramount Network)

“In the beginning of season 3, you get to see them in all of their powers of the couple,” Luke continued. “They’re out in this beautiful place and they really enjoy having the time to enjoy each other and finally enjoy this piece of land that they fought so hard for. Obviously, that’s not going to last very long because that would be boring to watch, but it was nice to get a little bit of time to play with that really quiet beautiful connection.”

After seeing the lengths John went to in order to save his grandson, Monica has started to see her father-in-law in a different light. “I think after their history, she was so reluctant to give him a chance,” Kelsey said about John Dutton. “I think she realizes that maybe the one thing that they do have in common is family and the fight to keep their family together. Seeing the Duttons come together and rescue her son, I think she’s really open to being a part of the family.

Kelsey Asbille
Monica will be looking ahead to the next stage of her life with the Duttons. (Paramount Network)

As for what’s ahead for Monica individually, the future is looking bright for her.  “She’s constantly been fighting for her family and now that that might be pieced back together, she can actually look into how she wants to be a part of her community,” Kelsey told HollywoodLife. “She wants to go back to teaching and look at her responsibilities outside of just the family, so that’s really exciting because Kayce and Monica grow up in a sense and figure out the next stage of their lives.” Yellowstone season 3 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Paramount Network.