Carly & Martina Bring Some Retro Glam In The Ultimate ‘Throwback’ Video For ‘Your Song’

With a nod to The Beatles, twin sister pop songstresses Carly and Martina have created the ultimate ‘throwback’ video for their new irresistible bop, and they tell us EXCLUSIVELY how ‘Your Song’ is symbolic of their music career.

Though Carly & Martina weren’t alive when The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, the sisters pay homage to that significant moment in music history in their video, “Your Song.” In the visual, premiering here on HollywoodLife, the teenage twins reimagine themselves on the show’s set in 1964. With a touch of some modern music video magic, Carly and Martina are joined by…multiple Carly’s and Martina’s! With backup dancers and a full band, Carly and Martina deliver a knockout of a pop song that might just get a round of applause from Ed Sullivan himself if he were to hear it.
“This video is all about bringing the throwback feel of our song to life,” the duo tells HollywoodLife. “We wanted to recreate The Ed Sullivan Show because that’s where our favorite band, The Beatles, broke in the US. We used ourselves as the backup dancers, musicians, and crew to symbolize our hands-on approach to our career since we wrote, produce, mixed this song ourselves.”
Jordyn Pritsker
The sisters also clue us in to a special Easter egg in the video – one with a considerable family significance. “We also wore our mom’s old suits from the ‘90s to give a nod to powerful women that came before us who inspire us to be the best women we can be.”
These 18-year-old Chicago natives have a deep appreciation of music history, having been trained in classical and jazz piano at age four. When they were just 13, they experienced a breakthrough with their song, “Make Me Happy.” The inspiring anti-bully message earned them critical and financial success and launched their careers. While completing their education, the sisters gave a TEDxTalk about using music as a method to instill confidence in the youth and partnered with United Way of Metro Chicago to help underprivileged kids through songwriting workshops.
They also continued their musical aspirations, releasing a handful of songs over the past three years. 2018’s “Love Letter” and “Block His Number” dominated the Radio Disney’s Total Request Now charts. 2019 saw the release of “10 Years Later” and “You Again.”
Carly & Martina
Since arriving on the scene, they’ve cultivated a loyal and massive following online, just by being their naturally charming, kindhearted selves. Their Instagram page is full of posts that showcase their sense of humor, their sense of style, and a wisdom that’s beyond their years.
2020 has been especially wonderous for their fans. They previously released two songs – “How I Like It” and “Up All Night” – and the sisters have indicated there’s a lot more where that came from. “The album has been finished and is ready for release,” they said. See? 2020 isn’t all bad.
Your Song” is out now.

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