Ryan Dorsey Breaks Down In Tears At Lake Piru After Entering Water With Her Distraught Dad George

Naya Rivera's ex & father of her son Ryan Dorsey entered Lake Piru with her dad George. The pair appeared to be seeking a connection with the missing actress as they embraced in the water.

As the search for Naya Rivera, 33, continues, more of her family members have appeared at Ventura County’s Lake Piru. Her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey, 36 — whom she shares son Josey, 4, with — appeared devastated as he looked somberly out at the water on Saturday, July 11. In another photo, the actor wiped tears away as he sat perched on rocks alone, removing his sunglasses during the deeply emotional moment. Ryan — who was married to Naya from 2014 – 2018 — later entered the water with her distraught father George Rivera.

Ryan Dorsey
Ryan Dorsey breaks down in tears as he visits Lake Piru, where his ex-wife and mother of his son Naya Rivera is presumed to have drowned. (BACKGRID)

George and Ryan put their arms around each other as they entered the lake knee-deep in the powerful and tragic image. The duo seemed to be seeking a connection to the presumed dead Glee alum, who police say “may never” be recovered due to possible “entanglement in something” in the murky, deep water. George — who is also dad of Naya’s brother Mychal, 29, and sister Nickayla, 25 — also charged into the water alone, washing his face repeatedly before exiting. Naya’s sister Nickalya hugged Ryan while in the lake, comforting each other through the heartbreaking ordeal.

Ryan Dorsey & George Rivera
Ryan Dorsey is seen entering Lake Piru with Naya Rivera’s father George. (BACKGRID)

In other images, Nickayla could be seen crying as she placed her hands over her face as brother Mychal comforted their father George. Earlier in the afternoon, Mychal boarded a Sheriff’s boat alongside mother Yolanda. The duo both sported protective life jackets as they stepped off of the white boat and onto the dock, looking deeply sad as the search continues for Naya.

The 33-year-old actress has been missing since Wednesday, July 8, after going boating with her son Josey. The 4-year-old was found adrift on a a pontoon boat alone, with police confirming that he told them that “he and his mother were swimming, but his mother never got back into the boat.” On July 9, authorities confirmed Naya was presumed to have drowned in the lake, with search efforts focused on recovering her. Despite limited visibility, police confirmed they are using sonar technology to search the water, along with a coast guard helicopter and trained cadaver dogs.

“Our investigators have been in contact with the family since the beginning of this. We have a liaison with the family, working with them, and, of course, they are going through an extremely difficult time. We’re trying to do everything we can to provide as much resources as we can and provide some closure for them,” Captain Eric Buschow, a spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, said on Friday, July 11.

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