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50 Cent Taunts T.I. After Rapper Challenges Him To Verzuz Battle: ‘You Not Ready’

50 Cent is continuing to taunt T.I.'s after the Atlanta rapper challenged him to a 'Verzuz' battle. Fif says he's picked out the first song he's going to play against Tip, which was a 2008 diss track.

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T.I. made the epic challenge to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on July 6 that he wanted a Verzuz battle against the Queens-born rapper and mogul. While Fif initially got a laugh out of it, now he’s coming hard for Tip. In a July 8 Instagram post, he taunted the Atlanta MC. Fiddy even said his first song up will be G-Unit‘s 2008 “You So Tough” remix, which included Fif’s bars that were rumored to be a diss against T.I. allegedly being a snitch back in the day.


50 taunted T.I., 39, by posting a Crime Stoppers Atlanta public service announcement video that Tip did in 2008. At the time, there were rumors that Fif was dissing Tip as a snitch in his “You So Tough” rhymes for allegedly doing the video in order to get a lighter sentence on gun possession charges. At the end of T.I.’s PSA, Fifty included audio of the third verse of “You So Tough,” where he called out, “What’s today’s mathematics? Sh*t ain’t addin’ up/Get knocked with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months/Ooooh weee, don’t talk to me; you talk to him; you talkin’ to them.”

In the caption of the 12 year old PSA that Fifty shared, he wrote, “Why you make me do this N**ga @michaelblackson voice. This the first song i’m a play you so Tuff T.O.S,” telling Tip he’s going to be bringing back that 2008 diss track. He then wrote in the comments, “You not ready TIP. ATLANTA is this your king,” taunting the citizens of the ATL.

50 Cent
50 Cent taunts T.I. over his ‘Verzuz’ challenge to Fiddy, then Tip responds asking that a date be set for their music catalogue battle.

Tip then turned around and begged Verzuz founders Timbaland and Swizz Beatz to set a date for his song catalogue battle with 50. “@therealswizzz @timbaland HE BIT THE BAIT‼️ PLUG UP THE SPEAKERS & SET THE DATE PLEASE SIRS‼️” he wrote in the comments. 

T.I. then regrammed Fif’s post to his Instagram and wrote, “‘ll take this as an acceptance of this catalog challenge. YEEESSSSSIR-SKI‼️ @verzuztv @therealswizzz @timbaland WE GOT HIM‼️ HE BIT THE BAIT‼️SET THIS SH*T UP SO I CAN FINALLY SHUT THIS WATERMELON HEAD, INVISIBLE NECK ASS N***A UP ONCE AND FOR ALL‼️”

Then he addressed the Crime Stoppers PSA and Fiddy’s diss track, writing “As far as this clip goes…it’s cute… old, outdated ,& in poor taste (much like your catalog @50cent)… however I prefer FACTS‼️ AND THE FACT REMAINS….I HAVE NEVER GIVEN ANY INFORMATION TO ANY FORM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AT ANYTIME IN LIFE TO GET ANYBODY ANY TIME FOR ANY CRIME‼️ Supreme told me to ask @50cent if he can say the same???”

On Fiddy’s 45th birthday on July 6, Tip issued the challenge through an Instagram video. “For your birthday, I offer you a challenge sir. Pull your a** up with 20 y’all records. Sit across from me,” T.I. — real name Clifford Harris Jr. — dared, saying 50 could bring any and all past collaborators. “Guess who ain’t scared of your motherf**king a** Fiddy. Look man pull up. Pull on up.  Bring your records, bring your hit records with you. You and Dr. Dre and Eminem and G-Unit, bring y’all a** on that. C’mon and see the king,” the Family Hustle star explained.

“You and me, we’re alright. I fought with you 50, it ain’t you this time. It’s your catalogue that got some trouble, you understand? Your motherf**king catalogue is in trouble,” Tip dissed. At the time Fif responded by posting an article about the challenge to his Twitter and writing,  “yo somebody passed TI the weed they gave smokey in Friday. LOL,” referring to Chris Tucker‘s character in the 1995 film Friday. But now it looks like he’s up for Tip’s challenge.