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Jill Biden Warns Voters That ‘The Soul Of America’ Is At Stake In 2020 Election

Dr. Jill Biden has a message for anyone thinking about staying home on election day. This could be the most important election ever, and letting Trump win means endangering the 'soul of America.'

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It’s never been more important to vote than in the 2020 presidential election, Dr. Jill Biden stressed on The View. The former second lady, 69, urged voters to get to the polls on November 3 and elect her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden. If not, there’s four more years of a Donald Trump presidency on the horizon. “Our vote is the most important thing we have as Americans,” Biden said on the June 30 episode.

“I hope that everyone gets out there and votes,” she continued. “I hope they register to vote. If they’re able to vote by mail, I hope they do that. I hope they get their friends to register. I know that everyone says, ‘oh this is the most important election.’ But this is. You must vote. You know, we’ve had four years of Donald Trump. Four more years will fundamentally change this nation and who we are.”

Biden doubled down, urging that the “soul of America” is at stake if Trump gets elected a second time. His humility and the grief that he’s experienced with the loss of his daughter, son, and wife, have made him an empathetic person, she noted. “Joe is known for bringing people together; that’s one of his strengths… That’s who Joe is. One of the things that we look forward to, is a president who is going to bring people together instead of tearing families and Americans apart.”

Biden’s message echoes that of other supporters going to bat for her husband. Former President Barack Obama stumped for his former VP at a digital fundraiser and went hard against his White House successor, Trump. The United States cannot weather another four years of Trump’s “shambolic and mean-spirited approach to government,” he warned.

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“Whatever it is we’ve done so far to help Joe Biden get elected, we have to do more. There is no disconnect with the urgency of this political moment and what we’ve been seeing on the streets,” Obama said. He added that protesters need to show up and vote in November, as well. “This is not an either/or thing; it’s a both/and thing.”

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, listen to Dr. Jill Biden and get to it. You can register here on HollywoodLife by filling out the form below, courtesy of our friends at Rock The Vote: