‘An Incomplete Education’ Trailer: A Father & Daughter Fight To Stay Alive & Search For Answers

HL is EXCLUSIVELY premiering the first trailer for the new Radiant Studios series 'An Incomplete Education.' In the aftermath of a viral pandemic, a father tries to teach his daughter to keep humanity's best ideas alive.

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An Incomplete Education
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Image Credit: Radiant Studios

Radiant Studios’ first digital short-form series An Incomplete Education will premiere July 9 on the Radiant Studios YouTube channel. The TV series follows a father and daughter named Preston and Rachel as they try to survive after a viral pandemic plagues the world. “People are dangerous. What I’m giving you is what matters. These ideas have to survive,” Preston tells his daughter.

Preston and Rachel have tough conversations and bring up important points. When Preston says that “knowledge is power,” Rachel notes that the virus didn’t care about that. The virus still killed almost everyone.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the father and daughter. They manage to find hope and joy despite their circumstances. “If I’m going to be the carrier of human knowledge for future generations, I omit country music,” Rachel quips.

Preston and Rachel go in search of survivors. When they discover a red hat, that gives them hope that there are others out there. “The hat changes everything,” Rachel says. At the root of everything is the love between this father and daughter. “You are the only thing that matters to me,” Preston tells Rachel.

An Incomplete Education
Dylan Walsh and Paloma Rabinov in ‘An Incomplete Education.’ (Radiant Studios)

“I’m thrilled to be a part of a project that creates discussion and doesn’t shy away from important topics. To work with Radiant Studios on this series and be a part of telling this story has been extremely gratifying and exciting,” Dylan Walsh, who plays Preston, says about An Incomplete Education.

Radiant’s goal is to provide high-quality, uplifting content for millennials. The official synopsis for An Incomplete Education reads: “In the wake of a viral pandemic, Preston, a professor of physics, travels with his daughter Rachel (Paloma Rabinov) in search of any other surviving humans. To keep his promise to his deceased wife, Preston tries to educate his daughter with hopes of keeping humanity’s best ideas alive. But she has questions he can’t answer.”