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‘Infamous’ Clip: Bella Thorne & Jake Manley’s Arielle & Dean Fall In Love — Watch

'Infamous' gives off major Bonnie and Clyde vibes for the millennial age. HL has an EXCLUSIVE clip of Bella Thorne and Jake Manley's characters Arielle and Dean falling in love.

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Infamous is out on VOD and in select drive-ins now. The film stars Bella Thorne and Jake Manley as Arielle and Dean. In this EXCLUSIVE video, Arielle and Dean fall in love despite their difficult situations and get to know each other against the backdrop of a Florida summer. There’s nothing like a summer love!

Bella Thorne Jake Manley
Bella Thorne and Jake Manley star as Arielle and Dean in ‘Infamous.’ (Vertical Entertainment)

“The world is so much bigger and vast and beautiful,” Arielle says to Dean in our EXCLUSIVE video. “Right now, nobody goes a f**k about me, nobody cares who I am, but that’s all going to change. People are gonna be following me, wondering what I’m doing, where I’m going.” Arielle is a girl on a mission.

Arielle has her sights on Hollywood. Dean admits that he doesn’t think his parole officer would like him leaving the state to go Tinseltown. “Life’s got a really funny way of working itself out, so we’ve just got to put it out there,” she says. But as the tagline for the movie says, viral fame is a dangerous game.

The film also stars Amber Riley. Infamous was written and directed by Joshua Caldwell. Leading up to the movie’s release, Bella has been promoting the film on her Instagram account. She even shared behind-the-scenes shots from filming.

Bella Thorne
The poster for ‘Infamous,’ which is out now. (Vertical Entertainment)

The synopsis for the film reads: “Arielle is a down on her luck dreamer who longs for popularity. Dean is an ex-con working for his abusive father. The two have an instant connection, and after the accidental death of Dean’s father, are forced on the run. In order to sustain their trip, the two are relegated to robbing gas stations and small shops. In an attempt to gain social media clout, Arielle live streams their robberies. The two become a modern-day viral Bonnie & Clyde steam-rolling towards a tragic ending.”