‘AGT’ Recap: A Single Mom Earns Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer With Her ‘Insanely Good’ Voice

The third round of 'AGT' auditions featured memorable singers, dancers, and an amazing acrobat. Heidi Klum was so impressed with one single mom's incredible voice that she pressed the coveted Golden Buzzer!

The first America’s Got Talent audition of the night is from acrobat Emerald Gordon Wulf. The 13-year-old can twist and move like she’s Elastigirl. She can pick things up from her feet, too. To finish off her jaw-dropping performance, she throws a dart with perfect aim while contorted. “What an amazing gift you have,” Heidi Klum raves. Simon Cowell knows that the AGT audience is going to like her and stresses that she needs to show them something they’ve never seen before in the next round. She promises to do just that.

Musical trio Resound is next. They quit their jobs to pursue music full time. Right away, Simon is a big fan of their arrangement of “What The World Needs Now.” The performance really highlights their vocals. Simon gives them a standing ovation and calls them “beautifully old school.” Sofia Vergara admits that she wants to get married again so they can sing and walk her down the aisle! They’re moving on to the next round!

Cristina Rae
Cristina Rae performs during the June 9 episode. (NBC)

Dancer Amanda LaCount takes the stage and is ready to show the world her talent. Her mom gave up everything so she could move to LA to pursue her dancing dreams. Amanda admits she’s been criticized in the past about her weight, but she’s refused to let the haters hold her back. Her performance is fun and sassy. She’s incredibly confident. However, Heidi hits her red buzzer. But Sofia, Simon, and Howie Mandel give her a standing ovation. Both Heidi and Howie don’t think this is a $1 million act. “For me, I loved every moment of the audition,” Simon says. He loves her joy and enthusiasm. Amanda gets a yes from both Simon and Sofia, while Heidi gives her a no. It’s down to Howie. In the end, he listens to the crowd and gives Amanda the yes she needs!

Daneliya Tuleshova is just 13 years old, and her voice is already outstanding. This singer from Kazakhstan slays her performance of Camila Cabello’s “Cry for Me.” Sofia calls the performance “breathtaking” and “surprising.” Simon notes that this is the time for young people to really step into the spotlight. He raves over her “incredible first audition.” Needless to say, she’s moving on!

Marty Ross decides to mix things up with his standup comedy routine. He has everyone laughing out loud, including the judges. “You are likable, and there is a place for you in the world of comedy,” Howie says.

For singer Celina, music is in her blood. Her dad has been in a band for most of her life. When she was growing up, Celina was bullied and lost confidence to become a singer. Her performance of “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes is nothing short of fantastic. The judges all have great things to say about her performance. Simon notes that she has a “glow” about her, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to how far she could go in this competition.

Magic act The Demented Brothers are certainly memorable — they don’t talk during their audition at all. They’re fun, but there’s nothing out of this world about them. It comes down to Sofia, and she gives them the yes they need to move on to the next round.

Daneliya Tuleshova
Daneliya Tuleshova shines during the ‘AGT’ season 15 audition. (NBC)

Shakir and Rehan Kahn are dancers from India. This is their first time in America. Their audition is so fun and a little emotional, too. “I thought it was spectacular,” Sofia says. She loves how synchronized they were. They get a yes from all 4 judges.

The final performance of the night comes from singer Cristina Rae. The body sculptor and single mom wants AGT to change her life. She admits that she was living in her car when she was pregnant with her son, Jeremiah. She starts out with a powerful rendition of the Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight.” She has the crowd on their feet. Simon asks her to sing a second song, and she performs The Rolling Stones hit “Gimme Shelter.” She knocks it out of the park. Cristina earns a standing ovation from the judges. Simon gives her a thumbs up and calls her voice “insanely good.” Heidi says Cristina is “absolutely out of this world.” Heidi is so impressed with Cristina that she gives Cristina her the Golden Buzzer! Cristina falls to her knees, and her little guy walks out as the confetti falls! Simon walks up to the stage and tells that she may be “one of the best singers we’ve ever had!”

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