‘AGT’ Recap: 10-Year-Old Earns Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer With Stunning Rendition Of ‘Shallow’

The second round of 'AGT' auditions featured stellar performances from singers, dancers, and more. A 10-year-old singer's voice left Sofia Vergara so impressed that she gave the youngster her Golden Buzzer!

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The second week of AGT season 15 auditions kick off with The Divas and Drummers of Compton. The goal for this group is to give these kids a scholarship to go to college. Their performance is fun, exciting, and filled with so much talent. “I loved every single part of that audition,” Simon Cowell says. Howie Mandel echoes what Simon says, “You guys epitomize what this show is about.”

Thomas Day is a junior in high school and plays hockey, soccer, and football. He’s actually ranked 7th in the country for kicking. But his other passion is singing. He performs a stunning rendition of “Break My Heart” by Finneas, which earns him a standing ovation from Simon. While Howie thought Thomas’ performance was nervous and stiff, Simon doesn’t think so. He tells Thomas that he had a “really, really good first audition” and gives him the third yes he needs to go to the next round.

Roberta Battaglia
Roberta Battaglia gets Sofia Vergara’s Golden Buzzer during the June 2 episode. (NBC)

Sofia Vergara’s very hunky hubby Joe Manganiello shows up for a quick visit. Heidi Klum tells him that Sofia is keeping them entertained. “Now you know how I feel at home,” he says.

Frenchie Babyy is a dancer unlike any other. He can bend in ways that are not natural! He’s basically a rubber band! Howie raves that Frenchie “took it to another level.” He reveals to the judges that his parents don’t really support his dancing. Simon tells him to try and call them now. Simon calls and his mom answers. Simon tells Frenchie’s mom that he’s auditioning for AGT, and he’s moving on to the next round. The mother and son share a sweet moment.

Frenchie Babyy
Frenchie Babyy performs during the June 2 auditions. (NBC)

Kelvin Dukes is just 14 years old, but he’s got an amazing and soulful voice. His performance is nothing short of excellent. Simon raves that Kelvin has a really “special talent.” The Bello Sisters take the stage next. The trio of acrobats shows off their jaw-dropping flexibility skills, leaving the judges stunned. They’re moving on to the next round!

The next contestant is Roberta Battaglia, a 10-year-old singer, who has always dreamed to be on America’s Got Talent. She fangirls over Sofia, saying she’s a “big fan” of Modern Family. She tells the judges she’s going to be singing “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She’s so nervous that Terry Crews has to bring her a drink of water. However, she’s got nothing to be nervous about. Her voice is FLAWLESS. Not even halfway through, Simon is totally impressed. When Roberta’s finished and sees everyone standing in front of her, she starts to cry. “This moment is unbelievable,” a stunned Howie says. Roberta admits she’s been bullied in the past. Sofia tells Roberta her performance was “amazing” and “breathtaking.” She knows the perfect way to defeat the bullies — by giving Robert her Golden Buzzer! She runs up to Roberta to give her a big hug as the confetti falls.

The second round of audition is filled with a number of notable performances from standup comic Usama Siddique, magician Florian Sainvet, dog act Jennifer and Daiquiri, and salsa dancing duo Simon y Maria. The final performance of the night is novelty singer Bonavega. The performance is very flashy and fun. Howie admits Bonavega is the “biggest surprise” for him so far. The judges all love the combination of camp and rock and roll that Bonavega brings.

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