Zella Day Cranks Up The Heat With Some Cold War Espionage In Her Disco Thriller ‘My Game’

Does Zella Day expect you to talk? No, she expects you ... to dance! She lives out her double-O disco spy fantasy in her retro-inspired and visually stunning video for ‘My Game.’

Who needs No Time To Die when we have Zella Day. In “My Game,” the new video from the songstress puts James Bond, Derek Flint, and Austin Powers to shame. Appearing like a disco double agent with a trio of crimson-colored counterspies, Zella pulls a Casino Royale by going all-in on the dance floor, serving up a romance that’s better shaken, not stirred. The video, directed by Phillip Lopez, is an exciting thrill ride, full of car chases, secret phone calls, deadly dance-offs, and love – the most dangerous game of all. It’s a groovy, electric track – one produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys — that will make everyone feel like putting on a pair of go-go boots to dance along.

” ‘My Game’ is feverish time travel into every dimension where the hustle is on the floor,” Zella says in a statement, giving a peek into the kind of mind that conjured up this colorful romp the late 1960s. “It’s a disco game board with a pair of cherry red dice rolling in my favor. I’m climbing up onto the table in my glitter platforms and I’m calling the shots.”

Neil Krug

This disco thriller is the second track from Where Does The Devil Hide, Zella’s forthcoming EP (out on Aug. 28.) The lead single, “People Are Strangers,” is a sun-kissed single in the similar psychedelic-pop of her major label debut, 2015’s Kicker. Though she’s released a handful of singles since Kicker, including a cover of Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing,” fans have been waiting for a proper follow-up and were ecstatic when “People Are Strangers” arrived in April.

“I began writing ‘People Are Strangers’ on the bathroom floor after a night of learning an ugly truth about my lover,” she told Idolator when the song premiered. “I brought the idea to Nashville where I finished the song by taking a dark subject matter and approaching it with simplicity. There is sweetness to the lyrics and melodies of ‘People Are Strangers’ that is meant to inspire empathy towards the ones that have hurt us.”

Where The Does The Devil Hide may be one of the high spots of 2020, and it’ll be another amazing chapter in Zella’s story. The Arizona native has been involved in music since she was a youth. In 2009, she self-released her independent album, Powered by Love. Her aforementioned “hustle” eventually caught the attention of the major labels, which isn’t surprising. It was only a matter of time before everyone fell in love with Zella Day. Though, be careful if you do, because, with her, love is a game you’re gonna lose.


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