‘Belgravia’ Finale Sneak Peek: James Races To Save Charles From Bellasis After Oliver’s Confession

In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 17 finale of 'Belgravia,' James learns about the trap that Bellasis has set for Charles Pope and is furious with Oliver for having a role in it.

Oliver has some explaining to do, and he needs to do it fast. James asks about the situation with Bellasis and Charles Pope in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the finale episode of Belgravia. Oliver reveals that Bellasis wanted him to write a note to Pope asking to meet him. Bellasis believed Charles would agree to this meeting to please James. “He knew you were unhappy that I’d taken against your protege,” Oliver continues.

James wonders why Bellasis didn’t just write the note himself. “He thought Pope would know my hand after he’d spent so much time at your office,” Oliver explains. “Anyway, I wrote what he wanted, had a drink, and left.” James realizes the magnitude of the situation. “This is very serious,” James tells his son. This note could lead Charles to a place where he could be beaten up or worse.

Oliver admits he was drunk when he wrote the letter. When James asks where this meeting is supposed to take place, Oliver can’t remember. James demands his carriage be pulled around at one. He’s going to head to Charles’ office first. “If it’s already happened and he’s hurt, I will never forgive you,” James tells Oliver. “If it hasn’t happened yet, we’ll warn him, even if we have to wait all night.”

All Oliver remembers is that the meeting is supposed to be in the city. Oliver apologizes for what he’s done, but James doesn’t want to hear it right now. “You have delivered him into the hands of a man who must wish him dead,” James spits at Oliver, who thinks his father is overexaggerating. “I assure you, I do not,” James adds as he walks out the door.

The synopsis for the May 17 episode reads: “In the finale episode, Charles (Jack Bardoe) receives a mysterious olive branch, but the offer of reconciliation places him in grave danger. James (Philip Glenister) must find a way to defend Charles’ honor before Lady Maria (Ella Purnell) is lost to him forever.” The Belgravia finale will air May 17 at 8 p.m. on EPIX.

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