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At Home With Laura Marano: The Star Talks ‘Austin & Ally’ Reunion, New Music & How She’s Staying Active

Laura Marano is making the most of her time in q-tine! She spoke to HL about releasing new music, an 'Austin & Ally' reunion & more!

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Laura Marano is keeping busy during this quarantine time and shared with in an EXCLUSIVE interview about what she’s been up to! Most notably, she released a new song, “Can’t Hold On Forever” today, just a month after her fan-fave release, “When You Wake Up.” “There’s plenty to be inspired about right now,” she explained to HL. “I feel what society is going through right now and what we’re all going through as individuals has really put a spotlight on how I deal with any relationship — whether it’s romantic or personal relationships. During this time, I’m examining what kind of sister are you? Daughter, friend — that’s really got me in my head and thinking about relationships.” Listen to Laura’s new song here!

Laura added that there’s a “level of sadness that we’re all feeling” that has been inspiring her creatively. “I think that is positive to write or have some sort of creative outlet during this time. We’re all struggling in our own way, and honestly some more than others, and we need outlets to express this time and how we’re feeling.” On an exciting note, Laura admitted that she and the Austin & Ally cast were chatting about a real-life reunion just before the pandemic began! So, while we’re gotten to see the fan-faves reunite via Zoom, we’ll also hopefully get an in-person reunion when this is all over! “We would all definitely be down!” she revealed. Woo!

What are you binge watching during the quarantine? I am watching all of the Marvel movies in order! I know you can watch them without watching them in order, because they are standalone movies, too. But, now watching them in context with all the movies, I’m understanding way more and geeking out about everything.

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What are your at home quarantine essentials? What did you stock up on before? Super strange, but a couple cans of pureed tomatoes, onion, garlic and parsley to make an incredible tomato sauce. That’s number one on the list. Some good wine and a relatively good bourbon to make a hot toddy. I was pretty good beforehand having so many toiletries, like so much toothpaste and quite a bit of soap, so I’m very thankful for that. I’m also loving First Aid Beauty right now. I’m pretty obsessed with their products. They have this Ultra Repair Cream that is unbelievable.

What’s on your Quarantine playlist?  It’s totally dependent on if I’m starting a day moodier or if I’m starting the day pumped. I’m loving me some Madison Beer right now! Plus, Leon Bridges is perfect for not being super loose, but feeling pretty chill.

What are you doing to workout and stay fit at home?  My gym is doing FaceTime or Zoom sessions which has been great. I’ve still been training with my trainer over FaceTime and we do EMOMs, which is every minute on the minute. It’s great to get my heart rate up. We’ll do three exercises every minute on the minute for five minutes. It’s awesome to have that timer aspect to it. I’ll go out for a run, as well.