‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax Taylor Admits To Having Marriage Doubts — I’m ‘Afraid’ Of Hurting Brittany

On the May 12 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', Tom Sandoval threw a competing pool party on the same day as Jax, forcing everyone to choose sides once and for all.

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Jax Taylor was almost driven to a breaking point during the May 12 episode of Vanderpump Rules, after he learned that his one-time best friend, Tom Sandoval, was throwing a competing pool party on the same day as him. Tom felt that Jax had basically alienated everyone in the group with his frequent “rage texts”, so he wanted to give everyone an opportunity to choose a side once and for all. Not surprisingly, most of the group went to Tom and Ariana Madix‘s house, but there was one person who did manage to stick by Jax, though, and that was none other than his ex-girlfriend, Stassi Schroeder.

And since there weren’t that many people at Jax’s party, Stassi took an opportunity to sit down with him and find out what’s been bothering him so much lately. “With what you’ve kind of been doing, and the way that you’ve been texting people, I’m going to tell you — from the outside — it looks like you’re losing your mind,” Stassi told Jax, to which he agreed and said, “I am”. When she asked why, he said, “I don’t know.” Then, he said that even though he feels like he “won the lottery” with a “beautiful wife” and a gorgeous new home, he’s “still not happy”. He went on to say that he often feels like he’s busy trying to make others have a good time, while sacrificing his own happiness, but Stassi said that makes him sound like he’s trying to be “a victim”. So she asked him to dig deeper.

“This was a big year for me,” he went on. “So I shelved the situation with Brittany and I — the cheating thing and everything. And now that the down time is here, it’s all coming back in. I’m thinking about my wedding, and I’m like, it was just so quickly. And I feel like, did I do the right [thing]? It’s just all these things, and what I’m afraid of is that my wife is going to wonder, ‘Do I not make you happy?’ and that’s not the case at all.” Stassi told Jax that Brittany is going to start thinking that and he said it’s all “a lot of pressure”, and he’s “afraid” of messing everything up — including their marriage since he often “sabotages” his relationships. After all, he did it with Stassi when they dated. And he cheated on Brittany before they got married. So what’s next?

Jax actually spent most of the episode running back and forth to a fitness studio. Sometimes he’d go three times a day, which Brittany thought was weird, so she’s already worried that Jax might head back to his old ways. She said his current behavior matches what it was like when he cheated on her — he never wanted to be home and he was always lashing out at everyone.

Meanwhile, instead of blaming her husband for the competing pool parties, Brittany directed her anger at Katie Maloney, whom she basically accused of coming up with the idea for throwing a pool party on the same day as Jax. Brittany also thought it was ridiculous how everyone was holding Jax accountable for sending “rage texts”, yet Katie’s done it before, and everyone’s cool with her. But Katie had more important things to deal with this week, like the fact that her husband, Tom Schwartz, and his business partner, Tom Sandoval, were about to double down on their investment with Lisa Vanderpump by parlaying their initial investment into an expansion for TomTom.

And in other Vanderpump Rules news, Max and Brett nearly came to blows over their feelings (or lack thereof) for Dayna. When push came to shove, Brett basically told everyone that he didn’t have feelings for Dayna, so Max had no right to be mad at him for spending time with her. The only problem? Dayna was in the same room when this confession was made. Awkward!

Lastly, Ariana got pretty upset when Kristen told her that Stassi was making fun of her house — you know, the one without any furniture. Ariana screamed and said she wished Stassi would stop pretending to want to be her friend if she’s just going to talk crap about her behind her back.

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