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Jason Mamoa Teaches Son, 11, To Throw Tomahawks While Shirtless & His Aim Isn’t Exactly True

The first rule of ‘no-look tomahawk throwing’ is...you shouldn’t do it. A bare-chested Jason Momoa proved this while showing off for his son, Nakoa-Wolf, as the ‘Aquaman’ star misses the mark – badly!

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“It’s not essential to look, Wolfie,” Jason Momoa, 40, said to his son, Nakoa-Wolf Momoa, 11, at the start of the Instagram Story the Aquaman uploaded on May 10. “Teaching my boy the ol’ no-look huck,” he captioned the video, which shows him saying, “you just have to feel the aim, and let it go.” In a case of “Do Not Try This At Home,” Jason does precisely what he says – he looks away from the target, raises his ax, and throws it – directly into the canvas tent behind the target. Nakoa-Wolf audibly laughs in shock after watching his dad put a hole in the tent, but doesn’t say much as Jason continues to throw.

“Just make sure no one’s walking in the way, you know what I’m saying, Wolfie?” askes Jason. To be fair, he does connect with most of the axes in the first video. In the second go-around, titled “Wolfies Blooper Takes,” Jason reiterates, “it’s important to look [to see] that no one’s walking in front of the target,” before turning his head away. “But really, it’s all about arrogance and confidence,” he says before arrogantly and confidently throwing another ax into the side of the tent. “You don’t even need to look.”

“I know I stuck it. Stay arrogant,” Jason captioned another IG story of him saying, “Look, I know that sounded like it [didn’t] hit. And I don’t care, because I didn’t see it.” His next ax bounced off the target. “That one sounded like it hit the ground, but it didn’t, because I didn’t see it.” While Jason is going on, Wolfie is struggling to keep it together. Jason chucks a few more axes into the side of the tent, before launching the “Mohican 2000,” aka the BIG ONE. It whiffs the target and goes…somewhere. “I stuck it,” said Jason, proudly.

First off, it’s likely that if anyone tries this “No Look Chuck” technique at all those trendy ax-throwing places (once they open up again), they will probably get kicked out. So, unless you’re a world-famous film and television star with a bank account large enough to buy a thousand replacement canvas tents, don’t risk it.

A day before his tomahawk lesson, Jason posted a message about supporting local businesses during this time of quarantine. “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL. It’s hard out there for everyone but trying to support our small businesses. THE OLD PLACE one on my all-time favourite places is open Saturday and Sunday for take out. steaks for now. sorry vegetarians. Have to wait till they can open fully,” he shared with IG on May 9. “hopefully soon. I brought my mask, but I forgot to put it on cause I was happy, and I was smiling. Don’t be stupid like me. Wear it. love ya @morganrunyon your one of the greats aloha j”