‘Camp Getaway’ Sneak Peek: Adam Flirts With A Guest & Nile Throws Shade — Watch

Adam doesn't want anything standing in the way of love. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new episode of 'Camp Getaway,' Adam flirts with a guest, and Nile sounds off about his co-worker.

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Camp Getaway
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Adam Mizrahi may be the social coordinator at Camp Getaway, but he’s always down for a little bit of fun. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 11 episode of the new Bravo series, Adam begins to flirt with one of the guests while playing cornhole by the water. When a producer asks him point-blank about whether or not he was flirting with the guests, Adam shrugs and just says “maybe.” There’s no “maybe” about it. He was definitely flirting!

“Adam thinks he’s quite the ladies’ man,” Nile Lundgren, the activity coordinator, says in our Camp Getaway preview. Two days before in New York City, Nile asked Adam about counselors hooking up with guests or other counselors. “Hey dude, it’s like nobody should get in the way of love,” Adam told Nile. Right, but is it allowed? Adam is certainly willing to take some chances when it comes to love!

“In the city, he’s a solid 5. At camp, he’s a 9,” Nile says about Adam. As for the 10, Nile reserves that number for himself. You’ve got to love that confidence!

The synopsis for the May 11 episode of Camp Getaway reads: “Camp has officially started and the newbies get their first test when demanding guests arrive with plenty of requests. Neely’s attempt to forget last week’s incident and move forward proves almost impossible when her ex shows up as a guest. Also anxious to prove himself after a rocky start, Nile gets strike two when he defies camp rules. Meanwhile, the veteran social coordinator, Adam, may be the first to find camp romance.” Camp Getaway airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo.