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Earl Thomas’ Wife Admits She Pointed Gun To NFLer’s Head After Finding Alleged Proof He Cheated, Police Say

NFL star Earl Thomas' wife, Nina, told police in Texas that she held him at gunpoint after finding out he allegedly cheated, according to police docs obtained by HollywoodLife.

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NFL star Earl Thomas‘ wife, Nina Thomas, admits she retaliated when she discovered that he was allegedly cheating on her. Nina, 30, told police in Austin, Texas, that she attacked her husband, 31, with his own pistol after logging into his Snapchat account and discovering videos of him with another woman, according to a police affidavit. In the police report, obtained by HollywoodLife, which you can read below, Nina told police that she and her husband of four years had gotten into an argument earlier in the day on April 13, 2020, when she accused him of drinking too much alcohol. Earl left their home with his brother, Seth Thomas, and Nina “became suspicious.” She stated to police that after finding videos of Earl and the woman, she tracked his location to an apartment complex from his Snapchat account.

“Nina then retrieved Earl’s pistol, stating that she planned to enter the residence, an AirBnB unit, to confront Earl, and scare him with the pistol. Nina contacted her sister, Kayla [Baham-Heisser], and her best friend (and Seth’s ex-wife), Camisha [Garlow] to aid in her plan,” according to the police report. When they arrived at the residence, Nina said that she, Kayla, and Camisha discovered Earl and Seth “naked in bed with other women.” The women were later identified by officers as Tiffany Loving and Amieya Jackson. Nina admitted to police, according to the report, to putting the gun to Earl’s head “with the intent to scare him.” She revealed that she was unaware that the gun had a round of ammunition in the chamber; she had taken out the magazine thinking that the gun could not fire. Earl took the gun away from her, at which point “she admitted to chasing him outside with a knife until police arrived.”

Nina was arrested at the scene and charged with burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon — family violence, with the victim named as Earl Thomas. Her charge is a 1st degree felony. Nina’s bail was set at $25,000; it’s unclear if she paid.

Nina Thomas Affidavit
Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Kayla corroborated Nina’s story, showing one of the officers on the scene a video she had taken of the altercation on her cell phone. The video described in the police affidavit apparently shows Earl at the top of a staircase while Nina is cursing at him. Nina reportedly points the pistol at Earl from less than a foot away, with her finger allegedly on the trigger. When Earl sees the weapon, he apparently flinches and ducks. Kayla stated to police that she went with Nina to the residence to make sure things didn’t get “out of hand.”

Nina Thomas Affidavit
Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Amieya told police at the scene that she and Earl had allegedly been in a relationship for two months, and that he told her he was getting a divorce from Nina. The Super Bowl XLVIII champion told police, according to the affidavit, that he and Amieya had been together for three or four months, and that he was “working on his relationship with his wife, Nina.”

Nina Thomas Affidavit
Travis County Sheriff’s Office

Nina’s lawyer, Jonathan Goins, released a statement on his client’s behalf on May 6. In the statement, obtained by HollywoodLife, Nina says that she and her children are “suffering great harm from an unfounded investigation.” The statement goes on to describe Nina as “a gracious woman, who is caring and compassionate,” and “the glue that holds the family together.” Nina and her attorney believe that she was “wrongfully” arrested:

“These accusations have left Nina distraught but not broken. I represent her today because I admire her efforts and seek to be a voice for the falsely accused and the criminally mistreated. As her attorney, I am here to declare that my client unequivocally and categorically denies these allegations and we look forward to our day in court where we can clear her good name.”