‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Max Boyens Reveals He Still Has Feelings For Dayna Kathan

Max Boyens finally revealed -- during the May 5 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' -- that he's jealous of Dayna Kathan and Brett Caprioni's newfound romance. And Scheana Shay probably is too.

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Max Boyens revealed a startling secret during the May 5 episode of Vanderpump Rules, when he finally confessed to Dayna Kathan that he still has feelings for her. The only problem? She’s currently dating his buddy, Brett Caprioni. After Stassi Schroeder teased Dayna about her “love triangle” at the beach, and Max told Brett that he didn’t love the fact that he’s now dating his ex, Dayna,  the former lovers reunited when Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix hosted a dinner party. Following the meal, Max asked Dayna to go outside with him, during which he told her, “I’m not really good at expressing the way that I feel, so I’m going to fidget a little bit. But I feel a little weird about seeing you and Brett.”

“I’m not here to tell you, ‘Do not do this.’ I’m not ever going to do that to you. What I’m saying is that I clearly have feelings still,” Max continued, but Dayna had a hard time believing what he was saying. “The next shiny thing is going to come along, and I’m going to be in your rearview mirror in two seconds,” she told him. Max said he “didn’t think that’s true, though,” before adding that despite his womanizing past, “I’ve never moved forward [with someone] like I did with you.”

So why did they break up then? “It scares the s*** out of me having feelings like that for somebody,” Max told Dayna. He said he was afraid of falling in love and then having everything “go south”. She thought his admission was “interesting”, and she also said during her confessional that she’s “never stopped caring for Max. So to hear him say that he likes me — I think part of the reason that he’s saying that is because Brett is in the picture, and part of the reason is he does really care about me, but it makes me feel really confused.”

What may help Dayna become less confused about this entire situation, though, was Brett’s participation in Scheana Shay‘s new music video. Scheana had invited Brett out to Palm Springs to film a video for her new song, but her direction was so X-rated that she and Brett basically had sex. Upon Brett’s return to West Hollywood, he told Dayna and Lala Kent that Scheana was licking the wax out of his ear, asked him to take his pants off, and even offered to give him a “blowjob”. He claims he refused, but it was “really hard” for him because he “loves blowjobs”. And after telling the ladies that he felt “violated”, Scheana basically fired him for insinuating she took advantage of him. She said it was just “acting” and he shouldn’t “take it so seriously”.
And in other Vanderpump Rules news, Jax acted like a complete jerk to everyone. Especially Max, who put together a beach clean up day and invited the entire crew. Jax refused to go because he said it was “stupid”. And then, he kept texting everyone, and telling them that they were worthless and were no longer invited to his upcoming pool party. No one knew where Jax’s anger was coming from, but poor Brittany had to suffer the consequences of his actions. Not only did she spend the entire hour defending her husband, but when she went home, she became his newest target.

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