‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Mackenzie McKee Reveals Suicidal Thoughts After Her Mom’s Death

Mackenzie McKee was seen struggling in the aftermath of her mom's heartbreaking death, during the May 5 episode of 'Teen Mom OG'.

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The May 5 episode of Teen Mom OG was difficult to watch, as Mackenzie McKee revealed she’s “not okay“, following the heartbreaking death of her mom, Angie Douthit. While many people told her that life would get easier as time went on, she said she found the opposite to be true. For her, life just kept getting “harder” as days went by. And she tried sharing her feelings with her husband, Josh, but he had a hard time being there for her. So much so that she felt worse because of it. And when she told Josh that if he didn’t start supporting her, “something bad” might happen, he stormed out. He refused to hear her discuss any sort of suicidal thoughts, so he left the house, and that just made her cry even more.

Mackenzie told her producer that she’d never kill herself, because she loves her kids way too much to let that happen, but she did say that hates being alive. So after telling her kids that she’d take them to the park, she retreated to her bedroom and called Josh to tell him how much he had upset her by walking out. He yelled at her some more for even hinting at wanting to kill herself, and she broke down in more tears.

Eventually, Josh returned home and they sat down to chat. But when things started getting emotional again, he got up from the table. She told him that she wasn’t done talking to him and he needed to support her, but he walked away anyway. She went after him, cried some more, and then he told her that he’s just having a hard time expressing and dealing with his emotions.

Meanwhile, Amber’s new boyfriend, Dimitri, came to visit. And even though there was a language barrier between him and Amber, they got along pretty well together. He even met Leah and had dinner with the entire family at Gary‘s house. The relationship seems promising, but all of Amber’s past romances did, too — in the beginning at least.

Later, Maci contemplated sending Bentley to a private school, which is something he had asked for. And because he was getting good grades and keeping up his end of the bargain, she and Taylor allowed him to take the entrance exam, which he passed with flying colors. So the next step will be an interview with the principal and taking a tour of the school.

Also, Cheyenne enrolled Ryder in a preschool prep class while Cory was away competing on The Challenge. And Catelynn and Tyler caught Ashley in a lie — she said she was hanging out with co-workers, but they caught her at her ex-girlfriend’s house. So they confronted her and told her that she still seems to be living the “addict life”, even if she’s not using anymore.

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